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Dear Mr. President,


You are looking emphatically across the 36 states of Nigeria for impeccable, unblemished, honest, sincere and faithful states men and women to be appointed in your administration as ministers   for our beloved country Nigeria in order for you to serve our fatherland again against your overthrow on (31/12/1983 – 27/8/1985) by Major General Ibrahim Babangida evil woes of maladministration to the citizens of this great country who relinquished power on that day of 26/8/1993, a day less to his 8 years mischief and unpopular rule to Ernest Shonekan, Chairman of Interim National Government (ING) became the then Head of State, instead of handed over power to Chief M.K.O Abiola believed to have won the 1993 general elections conducted by the then National Electoral Commission (NEC), headed by a renowned political scientist, Prof. Humphery Nwosu, being the best general elections ever held in this country 55 years ago and was annulled by him (alias IBB). So Mr. President, you struggled for four consecutive times for the past 16 years and had won the 2015 general elections and was sworn in on the 29th of May, 2015 and appealed to Nigerians that the Federal Executive Council will be put in place in September 2015. Mr. President, stand firm to your statement, and not to be derailed by public sentiments and criticism against your plan particularly in your All Progressive Congress (APC) stalwarts by not convincing you to say it is too far. September date is just at the corner. I therefore strongly appeal to all faithful citizens of this country to make a strong research without deceits and preservations as I have held the Bull by the Horn producing herewith 2 names to Mr. President to choose either of them as a minister from Rivers State at Federal level without jeopardy to Mr. President to move our country forward and the other person for diplomatic mission abroad against beyond control of corruptions that has gone deep into our fabrics started from the families we come from, and into our respective communities, and finally, most consumed and orchestrated in the 3 tiers of governments unabated no doubt in our polity by the governance.

I am a strong member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and a pioneer deputy chairman, Asari-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State as well as the pioneer deputy chairman of that council in 1989 when it was created and I was one of the last batch of councillors in the then old Degema Local Government Council, Rivers State. I play my politics like the civilized western world politicking and not the type of politics we are playing in our country Nigeria and in the African continent. My 55 years in politics stands the test of time in my political career. So I urge all to emulate me to better our society as I am doing now, if President Buahri would follow the tentacles of this open letter to him. So, I recommend 2 world class fellows and leaders; one to be in his administration as a minister to help him and the other person for diplomatic missions abroad.


(1)         They are Chief (Prof.) Owunari Abraham Georgewill, Dean of the faculty of medicine, University of Port Harcourt, a twin brother of Hon. Justice Biobele Abraham Georgewill, one of the best and honest Judges we have in this country being first appointed a Judge in Rivers State and now in the court of Appeal-Abuja.

(a)        Chief (Prof.) Owunari Abraham Georgewill is not associated with any political party as at now. He is a tested citizens in Georgewill’s group of houses Abonnema. An impeccable, unblemished, honest, sincere and faithful statesman including the University of Port Harcourt where he is the Dean of faculty of medicine and the society at large in Rivers State and beyond. He hails from Abonnema in Akuku-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State. I have come across him in many areas of human endeavours in which both of us were appointed in one committee in year 2000 in the 3 Kalabari LGAs assignment to us to honour the former governor Dr. Peter Odili in Abalama in Asari-Tiru Local Government Area.

(b)        Mr. President, you may not have any doubt in your mind, he will uplift your administration in this 4 years. He is like Prof. Tam David West who was the petroleum minister during your military administration in 1984/85 period;

©         I therefore recommend Chief (Prof.) Owunari Abraham Georgewill to be a minister in your cabinet as you are looking for honest and credible persons like you, to move our country to the next level to the glory of Allah; he is a grassroots developer with honesty.


(2)        The other person is Prof. Donanale Mon Baridam, famn, was appointed the 6th vice-chancellor of the University of Port Harcourt without doing anything illegal or ungentlemanly to get there. He transformed the once decrepit University of Port Harcourt into a vibrant tertiary institution that is now reckoned with among its peers within his five-year tenure as vice-chancellor. He accelerated infrastructural and academic development blossomed under his leadership as vice chancellor and brushed away one time most famous students cultism and it is today a descent learning place.

He was once the chairman of committee of vice chancellors of Nigeria Federal Universities and Association of vice chancellors of Nigerian Universities.

(i)         He was a gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the just concluded general elections of 2015 and a member of the party;

­(ii)      During this exercise, I supported his candidature because I am decent in pragmatic activities of our nation as I believe in equity, fair play and justice to all manner of men and women in my dear state-Rivers though we were drowned at mid sea;

(iii)       In one of our regular meetings I, being incharge of his administration, I told the mammoth crowd that whether or not we must remain in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and fight against former Governor Rotimi Amaechi who was the most corrupted governors Nigeria has ever experienced with his team of fraudsters and swindlers to a hands down with the collective good people of Rivers State no matter we are out of the race to the Brick House. And by the infinite mercy of the Almighty God with Governor Nyesom Wike, the common enemy of former Governor Amaechi and his cohorts were out of office;

(iv)   In my philosophy in politics I fight not the party that is coming unboard but by those I reasoned who cannot deliver as being practiced in the western world;

(v)        Prof. Don M. Baridam is a tested politician and respects people of all manner of our society for the six months I stayed and worked for his political fortunes though we failed at last;

(vi)        Prof. Donanale Mon Baridam hails in a little sleepy village called Lumene Bangha in Khana Local Government Area in the Ogoni heartland of Rivers State. He has only one Bungalow in his home village as well as only one in a remote area of the state capital Port Harcourt that he is entirely honest if not he would have acquired a lot of wealths as a former vice chancellor. Finally about Pro. Donanale Mon Baridam, speaks the Khana Language, English and French respectively.

Either of these academic giants of Chief (Prof.) Owunari Abraham Georgewill from Kalabari axis of Abonnema in Akuku-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State or Prof. Donanale Mon Baridam of Khana Local Government Area also in Rivers State are all honest and faithful calibers you are sorting for, Mr. President; and at the tail end of this open letter I will equally give you my brief profile to enable you not to be the doubting Thomas of these professionals in order to choose one of them in Rivers State to form your cabinet on ministerial appointments come September, 2015 against in respect of party affiliations.

(3)        Mr. President, if your age as was published in the media in my last open letter to you is believable we are almost the same age group and having the same ideology or philosophy to serve if opportunity is giving to me as it is now given to you by Nigerians to serve our beloved country Nigeria.

Governor Nyesom Wike in every standard is our son by our age either 3rd in the series of child birth. Please allow him to be our

Governor. From the few days he is in the office of the Governor of Rivers State, we are seeing progress of his administration. Even though he was not elected on the platform of All Progressive Congress (APC) Governor, call him nearer to yourself and work with him; you Mr. President have nothing to loose rather you will gain tremendously because Rivers State is the Treasure Base of the nation no doubt; I reiterate to state again in this open letter, if elections are going to be held in Rivers State ten times in one month or in one year, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) must still win such elections like Lagos state for All Progressive Congress (APC) won for the past 16 years. So Mr. President, let peace be in Rivers State. There is no way we shall vote your party without mincing words so be rest assured of this point and bring nearer Governor Nyesom Wike to your fold no matter the difference of party affiliations since you want development to all nooks and crannies across the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


  1. Mr. President, I don’t know much about your Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo life and character in his state in nation building. I would have wished, your colleague and friend late Gen. Idiagbon is alive and he is your Vice in this civilian administration who was vibrant, pragmatic and broad based minded citizen of his time in this country in all aspects of your joint one year seven months and twenty seven days (31/12/1983 – 27/8/1985) administration of our country where Nigeria would have been a better place to live against corruption; where 95% of our population of 160m people are corrupt in spite of our going to church every Sunday and attending its activities and hearing what God has told us what to do and what not doing against His Wills vis-a-vis also in the Moslem faithfuls on daily four times prayers, minimum and with the Holy Koran in their hands to punish the less 5% remaining of our populace are perhaps sincere and honest in life. Where are we going with the wealths we want to accumulate in life? As we sleep either day time or in the night for hours, did we know where our accumulated wealths are? Human beings in Nigeria in particular and indeed the African continent, most of us are animals in the forest which God Almighty did not create in his own image. It is high time we re-birth against corruption otherwise my Holy Bible tells me most of those who had died are all in the Hell-Fire no doubt and we can find it in Psalm 55 v. 15, Proverb 23 v 14, Isaiah 14 v 9, Matthew 18 v 9, Luke 12 v 5, James 3 v 6 and so many places in both Old and New Testament of the Holy Bible respectively, minus a few of our population who believe in it, because God never lied as we human beings are and with special reference again in the New Testament of the Holy Bible Chapter 16 vs 18-31 about The Richman and Lazarus as referenced by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to we Christians. Therefore let us repent now against Hell fire as it is real.

Mr. President, the world is against military takeover in the globe. And if you look at American History more than 200 years ago, you will agree with me that at least 1/3 (one third) of its past presidents were either trained one form of military or the other and also those civilians destined to rule by God Almighty without military training like President Barack Obama the incumbent.

This is part of the contents in my open letter to the out-gone president and to you (Mr. President), and to Governor Wike and to the most corrupted, your son Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi on 3rd May, 2015 before you took oath of office on 29/5/2015. I told or reminded GoodLuck Jonathan the former president as I earlier told him in my first open letter to him that he was not destined by God to rule but through former President Olusegu Obasanjo who brought him to power no matter he came the same region with me and others hence he form fooled in his 5 years of rule as president of this great country in spite of his academic qualifications. He doesn’t know his left neither his right that his wife wherever she dragged him was where he went like Adol Hilter’s wife of Germany did to Hitler himself during the second World War of 1939-1945 respectively.

You Mr. President, whether Nigerians likes it or not you are now the Civilian Head of state as you rightly said; there should be no military title to you of General now’. This is a welcome phenomenon to lead this country. And by September when you form your cabinet, use the military eyes to watch each and everyone activities in your cabinet and anybody who is working towards corruption should be shown the way out and prosecute he or she as a deterent to others.

Mr. President be of special courage, the God Almighty shall always be with you so that our country shall be blessed free of corruption globally and it will be a place to live-in and boost tourists potentials across the globe including flying posterities yet to come.


  1. Mr. President, my track records are there in my little mother’s village (Angulama) in Asari-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State where I was brought up after the death of my father at the tender age of 15 years. A storey building I started in 1982, it is still uncompleted till today. But I was called upon by Dr. Peter Odili in his house in 1999 at the New GRA, Port Harcourt to work with him as a pioneer deputy chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and I told him together with me, we were six in number and their names were on record in my previous writings so there is no need to mention their names again. I am not a prophet, but God Almighty atimes spoke to me and I told him what God has spoken to me then that his administration shall be full of lost of human lives and destruction of properties in Rivers State, and finally it happened. Once most peaceful Rivers State now turned to be a Hell of Fire by militants such as killings and kidnappings unabated which now cut across the region and to other parts of the country. And also during the time of Sir Celestine Omehia, the branch of the olive leave was stretched to me being a long story, I rejected it and told his errands that God did not send me for that. I am a petty Trader and a very strong politician, past military/civilian governments in Government House, Rivers State always nicknamed me as a controversial leader in Rumuwoji Mile One Market, Port Harcourt, where I have stayed for 47 years being their leader and father as well as their Nelson Mandela as they nicknamed me. I don’t compromise the Traders welfare to that of my self benefits including also in my little village hence I am called a controversial Chief Y.O.C.Gerogewill. This is part of me and I don’t care but to work to the glory of the Almighty God that sent me. I cannot deviate from He who sent me. And in the same vain, I saw you Mr. President in 1984 to date when Nigeria started to know you and your late colleague, both of you will always be remembered as long as the earth and history remains. Don’t change at all.

Mr. President, I was told that you don’t have a building in Abuja of all the lucrative positions you have held. If this story is true, don’t regret, continue to be like that. The records of late Nelson Mandela is a show example. A good name is better than Silver and Gold as my Holy Bible tells me. The 2 bedroom flat I am living today was rented to me by my Exco when I was their chairman in Mile One Market, Port Harcourt and the rents has expired 10 months ago, but today, I am still living in this flat at the State capital. This is the wonderful works of Allah when I am doing nothing again to earn a living as a result of your boy Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi masterminded Burnt of the Rumuwoji Mile One Market, Port Harcourt and sealed it off for seventeen months now and nothing is put in place, rather it was alleged, he has sold it to his business partners for another structure. And by God’s control, Governor Wike in a matter of months shall revert it to rebuild it to the Traders and the Rumuwoji people who owns that piece of land in due cause. Mr. President be steady fast against opposition and bad advisers.


  1. Mr. President, sometime ago, I wrote an article which included you and published it here in the Local tabloid but the means to reach you and handover that article to you was not possible. And if you wish to have the copy of this said article, make a little transport and accommodation for me to handover to you this said document. How I wrote part of it about you, God Almighty had made it and I am happy for this.


  1. Mr. President, it is a public cry in Rivers State and since I don’t have the recourses to travel out of the stateas of now for facts findings, that you have stopped the importations of fish, chickens etc when you have not spent 100 days in office is very bad if this story is true, please lift the ban for now and arrange it in next year’s budget for such to be implemented gradually through agriculture for the masses not to suffer. The small pottery farm at Ota in Ogun State owned by your mentor, former President Obasanjo and other perty local sources cannot sustain the country consumption for now so there is need Mr. President for you to lift the Ban if secretly done or announced I never know or come across it.
  2. Then, to all Nigerians, our country which is a secular state of many religions and political parties, let all of us give Mr. President a chance at least 2 years for him to settle down in his administration and let us watch how he can go the extra miles. If Mr. President falls below the memory lines, we will in 2019 come by DV for us to say ‘No’ to him as we said ‘No’ to former President Jonathan. This is the sure way appeal for us to accept and wait to see.


  1. Mr. President, most of those who decamped to All Progressive Congress (APC) from Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are those that made this country to what it is now so you have to ignore them. In fact, they are political harlots to say in this regard so reason this and know how to place them in your party.


  1. Mr. President, the personalities in this open letter I mentioned above for you to know such personalities in Rivers State is a welcome gesture, and members of the public in other States outside government who are transparent at heart ought to do so in their states of origin to enable you likewise to form your cabinet, and at a period of six months, if any of them found wanton or below expectations he or she must be booted out and get the best to work with you, and I wish, I become your private adviser to assist you earnestly to save our country as we have the same philosophy.

Mr. President, 16 years of our democracy, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at federal level, Abuja, had not completed any project particularly in Rivers State, of our total support in cash and kind. Let your administration show the difference by completing the East-West Road from Calabar to Benin in Edo State, including Bomu-Bonny and Yenagoa/Kolo/Nembe/Brass Roads respectively which former President Goodluck Jonathan foolishly don’t hold the Bull by the Horn to work and complete it being his place of birth and region.

Finally, all Nigerians Living in Rivers State know former Governor Ameachi your boy. Be careful to give him a post and most probably send him to diplomatic mission in Africa and not in the Western Countries since most Africans believe that corruption is part of life that they cannot give up by not bringing disgrace to us. Infact, I suggest, settle former Governor Amaechi in cash and ask him to stay on his own, rather of giving him a post. One parable stated, “wash a pig to be clean and leave it in a matter of time if there is muddy water around there you will see the pig again has come back to his former conditions” this is it for Rotimi Amaechi as I owe no apology to him.

I end this open letter for now – tomorrow is another day by DV.




(1)         Chief Prof.Owunari Abraham        Georgewill Tel. No. 08033170636.

(2)        Prof. Donanale Mon Baridam Tel. No.        08169999886.

(3)        Chief Y.O.C.Georgewill Tel. No.      08037331331.


Chief Y.O.C.Georgewill,

Voice of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

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