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Youths Adopt Jasper Jumbo For SPDC Negotiation

The Jumbo Major House Youth Association in Bonny, last week, peacefully took to the streets of Bonny demanding that Shell (SPDC) should negotiate with Chief Prof. Jasper F. Jumbo on behalf of the Jumbo Major House and not Mr. Japhet Akie Gad Jumbo. Over 400 Jumbo Youths under the Association accepted that Japhet is their brother but maintained that Japhet does not have the mandate of Jumbo Major House to represent them. They insisted that Jasper is the rightful Head of the House for now and has the mandate to negotiate on their behalf especially on financial and other related development transaction.
The Jumbo Youths demanded amongst other issues, the immediate payment of this long standing rent accrual, stating further that any delay will be seen as an attempt to deprive them of their only opportunity to salvage the youths and Jumbo Major House from abject penury. They added that the Jumbos especially, the Youths have been subjected by the conspiracy of those who have always used divide and rule to forment crisis in Jumbo Major House, as an avenue to corruptly enrich themselves and swindle them of their God-given inheritance.
The Youths maintained that they are stakeholders in the expected payment from the SPDC, saying that they have keenly followed this issue over the years. They are almost relieved, that succor is eventually coming to them after these long years of deprivation and denial, only to face their planned deprivation by Mr. Lucius Nwosu and Mr. Japhet Akie Gad Jumbo.
They agreed to resolving this issue amicably and to cooperate in maintaining peaceful coexistence with the SPDC in Bonny henceforth. They demanded that Japhet should restrain his appetite, for he cannot dictate for all Jumbos at this time having been defeated in the Chieftaincy tussle in Court; that their patience is fast running out.
Declaring the evil this delay has caused them, the Youth President, Mr. Dagogo A. Jumbo, pointed out that some youths had been led into atrocities and illnesses, some forced into prostitution, some others into illicit-drugs and youth restiveness and most others into impoverishness, under-development and loss of lives.
The Secretary, Mr. Samuel G. Jumbo said Jumbo Youths like other Jumbo Major House Stakeholders have jointly resolved that the money should not be paid into any solicitor’s account. He argued that Lucius Nwosu is not a member of Jumbo Major House and does not have their mandate and so he cannot negotiate on their behalf, adding that no imposition from Bonny Chiefs’ Council will be allowed by Jumbo Major House Youths any longer. ####

By Mene Gbarabe

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