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ISSUES ABATTOIR: “Political Defection And Prostitution Equals Identical Twins”

BuhariBlackJungleCap_0Partisan defection could be liken to prostitution, failure to tackle the obvious, irresponsibility as well as act of inferiority exhibited by some politicians especially in Nigeria.

Defectors are always the greedy ones and beneficiaries of a political party.

Chief beneficiaries always want to continue in enriching themselves with the public purse against the expectation of the masses.

The essence of occupying an office is to provide services as well use the machinery of government with which they are appointed to bring development closer to the people particularly at the grassroots.

Regrettably, these officers of government never worked for desired development and service for the people, rather resort to appropriating public funds for themselves thereby becoming aggravated and plan defection when their intensions failed.

Greed is publicly expressed and exposed when some of these officers are relinquished from their offices and instead of working for the platform that enriched them; it is fault finding that beclouds their reasoning.

It is worsen as they are either denied or refused continuous stay in their preferred positions, and given the opportunity to detect to their political party, then anger, incitement and defection becomes the immediate option.

It behooves of the political leaders to be mindful or be aware of those defectors they choose to work with them especially now that they litter the states. Indeed defectors have no patience and could not provide formidable and constructive opposition to the ruling party, hence their quest to be joined to a ruling party at the moment.

Chief amongst their reasons for defecting is not unconnected with “reaping where they did not sow” and frustrating those that labored before them is paramount in their reasoning.’

The level of defection from the PDP to the APC and visa-a-vis is alarm not because they have no right to do what do, but because it constitutes an act of infidelity, irresponsibility and unfaithfulness.

What is the difference between a defector and a divorcee whose separation was occasioned on the husband’s fall in business or retirement, but thereafter remarries when condition improves?

While Nigerians yearns for a working and sustaining democracy, it is obvious that they are not ready for what they professed or aspiring for – democracy.

The American democracy has lasted for several decades because they have the understanding of what their system is. Nigerians always make remark about American democracy without learning, ready to learn or better still do not study to practicalize what made American system what it is.

Americans did not practice defection as a political process, but here in Nigeria, defection is almost becoming part of the democratic processes. In Nigeria, whoever fails a contest from party A, defects in the next day to another party. Whoever is not given what he/she wants in a party is already in another party perhaps within days and a party is willing and ready to accept such an irresponsible being.

Such egocentric individuals have infested the Nigeria polity with evil and ill syndrome that the only option left for any aggrieved politician is defection.

Before the last general election of March 28th and April 11th 2015 many individuals had defected to the PDP from the APC, but just minutes and days later that the election had favoured the APC at the centre, some of such persons withdrew back to APC. Others in the PDP also worked to fail their party by working for the APC with the thought that APC would take Rivers – what indecision?

In the circumstance, some who called themselves politicians who are afraid of opposition, following the purported annulment of April 11 election in Rivers, had without examining the truth in the matter jumped back to the APC.

Such men who do believe in the rule of law believe that President Buhari would use his powers together with men around him to influence the judiciary, but it is capital NO, since the judiciary would not want to be mortgaged, some judges must stand to defend justice which they sworn on oath.

A woman who divorced her husband on account of financial imbalance and later return when things improved did not only tell the world that the marriage was consummated on financial grounds but that it was not on love rather what the man’s wealth could afford her. Such a woman when later returned is not always taken serious if at all she is accepted back to that family.

Defectors are however considered as political prostitutes since they did not garner cogent reasons for their actions.

To this end therefore, those accepting any defector should also be reminded that what prompted the defector to embark on such journey would definitely take him/her back elsewhere as it is their lifestyle, hence should be careful of their actions and activities. A stitch in time saves nine.


With James Mgboineme


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