Spiritual Laws that Govern Our Lives Revisited

Vietnamese_AW4T_LRW_BooksThe life of man can either be a spiritual adventure or a physical pain depending on man’s attitude towards life and his environments. It is said that those who know the factors that govern life tend to master and control their environment while those who fail to observe and study their environment and lives are controlled by it and thus they remain slaves to these factors. But a careful observation of the environment, spiritual or material will reveal that there is a rhythm to life generally. But most of us have so taken life for granted that we become effects of these factors that govern and regulate our lives.

Man tends to believe that he is in charge of his life. But little does he know that he is being pulled and controlled like a marionette on a string according to the immutable laws that govern the physical and spiritual universes. These laws are known as the Spiritual Laws of Life which have been instituted by God to regulate and control all activities of man within the lower heavens of the spirito-material worlds. Those who know these laws benefit from their regulation while those who are ignorant of these laws suffer the consequences of their ignorance and end up becoming effects of these laws. These laws are basically categorized as the laws of Freedom, Wisdom and Love.

Under the laws of Freedom are laws of non-interference, laws of reversed effort and laws of creativity. The laws of wisdom also consist of laws of cycles and other laws on spiritual evolution of man. Central to the laws of Love is the law of Karma and Reincarnation which is otherwise known as the law of compensation. These laws often help Soul- in- form  get polished in his spiritual assignment to qualify as a Coworker with God.

What is the spiritual purpose of these spiritual laws?

Before the advent of soul in the lower universes, God created the lower spirito-material worlds so that they can serve as education centers to educate souls on how to give and receive the divine love of God. Once Soul has mastered this technique of distributing the divine love of God, then it graduates into becoming a Co-worker with God. Therefore many educational centers were established in the lower worlds of God. These include Earth, Venus, the Moon and other planets spread across the globe. Some of the inhabitants of these planets cannot be perceived by our physical equipment and therefore our scientists conclude that they do not contain or support any life forms. But this is not true. These universes simply have a different vibration and as such cannot be perceived by our sense of perception which is the HU-man eyes, the ears and smell.

When God concluded the creation of these lower worlds, all possible combination of thoughts, words or actions have already been programmed and completed. Just like the computer programmer programs all possible applications on a computer, God has completed creation and all possible thoughts, words, situations and actions have been programmed and completed and when man finds himself in these situations and timing, they become an overpowering effect on the individual. In other words all these creations and vast universes are being regulated and run by the spiritual laws of life. This is why an understanding of these laws becomes very essential for survival on Earth here.

These spiritual laws are no respecter of religions, creed or individuals. They are applied generally across board. The justification of these laws are based on the laws of the Holy Spirit and they are administered by the Lords of Karma who see to it that all beings are judged according to laid down laws that regulates all our thoughts, words, actions and feelings. The purpose of these laws is to enable us learn and grow spiritually so that we can become better and more refined channels for God Almighty our Creator. The purpose of the law is not to punish as it is being misconstrued but to make Soul become polished and experienced in the ways of the Holy Spirit, the ways of God. An ignorance of these laws does not exclude man or any being from its operation, as long as that individual wears a body form.

Though some religions claim that they can overturn these laws by feeding falsehood to their followers that they can get away with their failings and discretions after a certain commission but this is not true. It is because of these beliefs that make man to be praying to God for 40 days and forty nights hoping to get a panacea to their self- created problems. They hope that through prayers, the will of God for man and its numerous creations can be changed.  After praying for a while, they soon realize that they are living a life of self-delusion. No HU-man, no matter how high on the spiritual ladder can overturn these laws of the Holy Spirit. These laws affect kings, prophets and the common man alike.

How can I become more aware of these spiritual laws?

We can become more aware of these laws by simple observation of events around us. For instance, if we look at the recent earthquake in Italy, one would conclude that it was a natural disaster that has killed more than two thousand people. One will easily conclude that these deaths can be attributed to the laws of nature. But a closer look would be that some of the individuals killed could have been righteous individuals and could belong to different religions. How then do we analyze such a situation? Does it mean that God is wicked and would decide to kill His loving children? How would we judge such a situation then?

It was reported that during the Tsunami that occurred in Asia few years ago, some villagers in a remote area noticed that the insects, animals and reptiles started moving towards the hills before the Tsunami that claimed thousands occurred. Some of the few HU-mans who noticed the unusual movement quickly followed the animals to the hills and survived the looming disaster that occurred then. Can we then turn around to blame God for some of IT’s unruly children who have decided not to study their environment and obey spiritual laws that affect them? The people that perished in the Tsunami, are they not children of God?

Man know thyself!

It would surprise most of us to know that God cares for all of us equally but all of us do not care for God the same way and this is why we have varied experiences about life and in our different environment. If God has concluded creation, our survival then depends mostly on our freewill and willpower to change our lives away from the clutches of destiny. For our spiritual purpose is to first know ourselves as Soul, know and understand God our Father and then find our way back into the Heavens of God.

How do we know and understand these spiritual laws and know how they operate?

When God sent us down into these material worlds for our spiritual training, we were not left alone.  God provided special Teachers or Guardians known as Spiritual Travelers who have the singular responsibility of teaching us about these spiritual laws and indeed taking us back home to God before our physical death of the HU-man body. This is their eternal duty and they are willing to teach those of us who can liberate ourselves from the limitation of religious dogma and rise up as befitting children of God Almighty. I am not saying that religions are not good enough, but they do not give us practical experiences about God unless they have a Living Godman. The Living Godman is the head of these Spiritual Travelers and they see to the spiritual evolution of Soul and are ready to take those who are ready back home to the Kingdom of Heaven and back home to God before physical death. Most religions would tell you that you can visit heaven only after death. But this is not true. They do not know the way. Man can visit the Heavens of God while still alive and it is the responsibility of these Men of God and especially the Wayshower who will take man-in-form through the narrow doorway back home to God. This narrow doorway is located at the Spiritual Eye which is situated between the two eye brows located at the forehead of man.

How can I contact the Living Godman?

The whole purpose of life is for man to contact the Living Godman and for man to find his way back into the Heavens of God. This can be achieved through personal effort and not through supplication and begging. Man does not need to beg God Almighty, his Father. What God wants is not praises and songs but His children who are ready to listen and obey His commandments and instructions. The seeker can contact the Living Godman by singing the HU, the Holy and sacred name for God. This is the name God must respond to because this is the secret name of God that God gave HIMSELF for you and me to contact HIM at our times of need. The HU is song like the word you (YOOOOUUUUUUUUU!) and God shall contact the individual in the dream state.

Understanding the spiritual laws leads to the liberation of Soul from the imprisonment of the flesh while ignorance of these laws lead to perpetual pain and frustrations.

Man know thyself!


By Tuborki Dauyemie


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