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ISSUES ABATTOIR: The Triple Blessings Of The Andoni (Obolo Kingdom)

JAMES MAN“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”. St. John 8:31 (KJV)

Before proceeding to examining and evaluating the theme of this very episode of Issues Abattoir, the first edition for the year 2017, it is our tradition to formally welcome you to this year of positivity, breakthrough, success, greatness and jubilee.

Dear readers, as a basic source of motivation and inspiration for the existence of this page, you are of a truth very essential to us, so you are graciously welcome to 2017. Obviously the year is ripe on arrival for every goodies like it or not, the federal government good policies or not, the people of God have proclaimed liberty, success, greatness, breakthrough and all the positive things of life for this year and so shall it be. Amen.

For us at The Newswriter Newspaper, we join other well meaning citizens especially those in the household of faith in JESUS CHRIST, to welcome you to this wonderful year of jubilee. While The Newswriter is poised to serve you better, Issues Abattoir is battle ready to take you to the most hidden treasures and interesting packages this year, your contributions and genuine criticism are truly welcome. Keep challenging and patronizing us to serve you better than we did previously. God bless you real good.

In this very first episode of Issues Abattoir for the year of Jubilee 2017, the very good people of Andoni Local Government Area in the Obolo Kingdom and indeed Rivers State government shall be the focus. God had positively covenanted with the people of Obolo ethnic nationality in the closing hours of 2016, hence Issues Abattoir ceases this opportunity to appreciate God and the human elements involved.

Without gain saying it is on record and factual that the people of Obolo ethnic nationality such as the Honourable Okuba Ekeneokot – the Igbemi Adaka, Chief G.B.C Otoko (Otobo Alama)of the blessed memory together with several eminent citizens were among the agitators and signatories for the creation of what is known and called Rivers State today.

Sad indeed, that after the moral fight, agitations, politicking and all that went behind, the state called Rivers was created on May 27th, 1967 but none of Obolo chiefs were either allowed, admitted or recognized into the traditional decision making body of the state.

While that may not be totally blamed on the state machineries irrespective of traditional politics as at then even to date, the people themselves should be blamed for not doing much of the expected to enhance such position. Prior to the late eighty’s, Obolo nation was relatively peaceful in the area of chieftaincy wrangling irrespective of the pockets of litigations in the courts then. In those days, warring factions or chieftaincy divides went to courts boarding same boats and vehicles to courts as against the practice in the succeeding years.

It is believed that certain unhealthy divisions, heresy and litigations had held the Obolo (Andoni) people from accessing God’s blessings in the traditional, political and social institutions.

Such were unhealthy because the rightful place(s) of Obolo people were either denied, prevented or jettisoned hence dragged backward the development and peaceful disposition of the people.

Traditionally, Andoni as an ethnic group was not properly represented at the Rivers State traditional rulers’ council until recent recognition of His Royal Highness King Israel Uzamandeng Otuo and His Royal Majesty, King Aaron Miller Ikuru in the second class cadre making them three.

It was repugnant, retrogressive and subversive to the people of Andoni in an entity they belong, but the fight continued with vigor to liberate the people. Thanks to all the political leading lights of Obolo kingdom.

Today, the rays of light and breakthrough in the spirit of jubilee has greeted the Obolo ethnic nationality in the political and traditional institutions as His Excellency, Chief Barrister Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, CON, executive Governor of Rivers State gave a bloody nose to those unholy trends.

In the closing year of 2016, the Rivers State Government under the leadership of Chief Barr. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike CON, having followed all known due processes recognized two traditional first class stools in Andoni Local Government Area. What a feet; development looms.

The recognized first class stools and kings include, His Royal Majesty, King Aaron Miller Ikuru, JP, Okaan-Ama Ikuru town (1st Class) and His Royal Majesty, King Job Williams Okuruket-Nnabiget, XIV (King Doni) JP, Okaan-Ama Ngo town.

The celebration of achieving such feet in the traditional institution does rule out the fact that they are still in need of more. Therefore, like Oliver Twist would say, the people’s celebration and thankfulness to governor Wike and the government of Rivers State implies request for more recognitions in that direction and other areas.

That blessing in the traditional institution though could be likened to a married woman with delayed period of child bearing whose case becomes a reference point in town when the children start coming.

Obolo Kingdom would be a reference point in no distant time as their blessings are released not by man but by God using man. Unlike some kingdoms in the state, Obolo was the least but as God would have it, in less than two months, two powerful first class stools were recognized and enthroned, what a thing of joy and laughter. Thanks be to God Almighty “That was blessings one and two all in the traditional institution.

It is Issues Abattoir prayers that while Obolo would be the envy of other ethnic groups, indigenes, sons and daughters should accept God’s gift and recognition in good faith, celebrate with those celebrating for more recognitions to come because of a truth the doors of heaven has seemingly opened for the Obolo people.

Recall that if the Obolo people accept the truth, know the truth, speak the truth, the truth shall make them free as recorded in the scriptures.

As the year has just begin Issues Abattoir appeals to the conscience of the people to allow the past years of deceit, lies, rebellion, hatred and what have you to die with those years and embrace the God’s given leadership in every respect for the kingdom to develop and experience good things.

Issues Abattoir opined that the only thing that would usher in peace, progress and development to Oboolo kingdom is “The Truth” hence all should re-examine their status and give peace a chance. “A living dog is bravery than a dead lion”.

These recognitions accorded two kings in Andoni are the handiworks of God. Before now there were no such even with fighting it was never accorded us and this is to affirm that God’s time is the best time anything could happen to anyone.

Politically, it is never a bad market for the Andoni kingdom irrespective of lacking in certain areas of development. The truth about that could best be explained by the political players.

Prior to 2015 general elections which earned an Andoni man, Rt. Hon. Ikuinyi-Owaji Ibani the speakership of the Rivers State House of Assembly, there had been representatives at both the State and National Assembly.

An Andoni man was also elected deputy Governor of Rivers State in the person of His Excellency Engr. Tele Renner Ikuru. Let it be placed on record that, deputies to any offices are most likened to spare tires which remain always in the car boot for as long as original tires are bad. Politically, a deputy governor may be bright, hardworking and intelligent yet working with a certain devil called governor (depending on the person); even his/her home may not notice his presence or impact in such government. But, thank God the Andoni son not minding all that cobwebbed him still remain a leader.

As long as a governor remain or claims to be active, a deputy remain a follower and a thank you Sir deputy, particularly in a polity where the word “loyalty’ is being misrepresented by some. However, that office without gain saying cannot be ruled out as number two citizens of a state.

An Obolo son was there once with several accolades by his then boss but omly God knows as elucidated above, due to the highhandedness of his boss, the tyrant, selfish and ungrateful being. For instance, it was unheard of that the office of the secretary to a state government officially had allocation than that of a deputy not minding reasons adduced to it. That was part of Engineer Tele’s experience in the hands of Rotimi Amaechi.

Again that does not exempt Andoni from mention of having a number two citizen of the state, glory be to God, the kingdom is on track politically.

Furthermore, the position of a number three (3) citizen of the state is the speaker of house of Assembly and that the Rivers State government under Chief Barrister Nyesom Wike, CON, has accorded the Andoni people with a son of the soil, and erudite scholar, and an epitome of humility, the Rt. Hon. Ikuinyi-Owaji Ibani on the saddle of responsibility – Speaker.

That feet become the third blessing from the throne of Grace allotted to Andoni through Governor Nyesom Wike within the close of the year 2016.

Indeed, it is a triple blessing for the Obolo nation from the throne of grace through the Rivers State Government under governor Nyesom Wike, CON.

Many thought Andoni would not get back the speakership of Rivers State House of Assembly after the speaker graciously stepped aside a year ago for governance to thrive, but God in his mercies has done what He alone knows how best to do.

While joining the Speaker, Rivers State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Ikuinyi-Owaji Ibani to thank the governor, members of the State Assembly old and new, Rivers people in general and Andoni people in particular, Issues Abattoir is pleased to say “Thank you Lord Jesus” for the out pouring of blessings on Obolo land in 2016.

As Speaker and leader of an arm of government, Issues Abattoir congratulates you and wishes you long life, wisdom, vision and mission to take Rivers legislature to a greater height.

Obolo nation is blessed, and enthroned, no one can dethrone Obolo, this is God’s appointed time wherein higher positions greats the kingdom from now henceforth.

As Issues Abattoir congratulates all recognized traditional rulers especially the two first class stools, second class and those yet to be recognized, as well as the speaker RSHA, it is our prayers for God’s guidance, sustenance and protection. Issues Abattoir Loves Obolo nation!!! Happy New Year.

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