APC Please Forget 2019

The role of a government especially in a democratic setting to develop a nation cannot be over emphasized. Government by its basic  function is to ignite policies and programmes that will spark massive development that will turn around positively the fortune of the people. A government that does not bring smiles on the faces of its citizenry is not fit to exist, hence has failed its responsibilities.
After sixteen (16) years of uninterrupted leadership under the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, precisely in May 29, 2015, there was a change of baton, and the political power to administer Nigeria fell on the lap of the All Progressives Congress, APC.
Prior to 2015 general elections, APC was preaching the gospel of change, begging Nigerians that if voted into power they will make life meaningful for all and sundry.
Sadly since Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari led APC came into power, Nigerians are experiencing negative changes in every area of the nation’s economy and their private life. Nigerians are going through excruciating pains. The citizenry find it very difficult to eat, as many Nigerians had gone to their early graves, because of the poor maladministration of the visionless APC’s government.
Every sector of the Nigeria’s economy is rotten. Prices of common goods are going higher every day. Nigerians are in the state of confusion, knowing not what to do. While the President travels from one country to another without Nigerians seeing the benefits of such project. Unequivocally the country is in trouble.
What surprises one is that members of the APC are less concern about the sufferings of Nigerians. Rather some APC  chieftain had been entangled in budget padding and monumental corruption.
President Muhammadu Buhari’s fight against corruption is lopsided, as no anti-graft agency probes APC member, but beams its searchlight on PDP members and perceived political enemies of the President. This kind of anti-corruption crusade cannot yield any good result.
With the mismanagement of the Nigeria;s economy no well meaning citizen of this nation will vote for APC in the 2019 general election. No amount of security personnel and political thugs will force Nigerians to queue behind the visionless APC in 2019. APC should forget about 2019. ###

Damiete West


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