Okrikans Thank God for Successful Burial of Amanyanabo


Samuel Marshall, with additional report by

Beauty Nteugot

Okrikans, guests and several groups from various communities of Rivers State, filled the St. Peters Cathedral Church, Okrika, on Sunday 17th December 2023 (the 3rd Sunday in advent) thanking God for the successful and peaceful burial of their late King, Dr. Alfred SemenitariAbam, Ado IX, who was laid to rest the previous day.

Officiating minister, His Lordship Rt. Revd. Enoch Atuboyedia, Bishop, Diocese of Okrika, and his wife Aikiogha, were in the service at the time, rounding off their 3-day episcopal visit to their own cathedral. Bishop TubokosimieAbere, the pioneer bishop of the diocese, was also worshipping.

Bishop Atuboyedia first performed the laying on of hands for confirmation of some persons into the membership, and admitted others into the women’s guild, the Daughters of Hope and the Christian Men’s Fellowship of the Diocese. Okrika Grammar School old boys of 1973 set were present for their Golden Jubilee thanksgiving.

Bishop Atuboyedia delivered an inquiring sermon entitled, “Who are You?”, derived from St John 1: 19 to 28, under which he examined the character of the self-righteous Christian priest of today. He praised John the Baptist’s unpretentious and true testimony of himself, for “John identified himself, modestly, as the voice of one crying in the wilderness”. To show his opinion on the topic, the Bishop posed a question: “If the Jews traditionally believe that a priest cannot lie, and if we’re all priests in the new dispensational priesthood of all believers, then, can our testimonies, today, be depended upon as true?

He reprimanded the unwholesome habit of gossiping clergymen, and urged all to ensure that they “fulfill their purpose in their generation” and become what the Lord ordained them to be.

A multitude from the Ado Royal War Canoe House and the Semenitari group of houses were in the congregation, all gorgeous in native attire and some wearing Ado Royal family tippets.

The thanksgiving concludes a series of elaborate funeral activities in honour of the late King of Okrika clan, which had ran for 2 weeks.

Bishop Atuboyedia delivering the sermon.

A cross section of chiefs in the church

Okrika Grammar School Old Boys Association 1973 set.

Late Amanyabo’s Children

Late Amanyanabo’s Children

Members of the late Amanyanabo’s immediate family approaching the altar.

Members of the King’s immediate family dancing towards the altar.




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