You and Your Dreams (4)


So, as written in our last episode, the journey home to God begins with HU-man being recognizing and knowing the spiritual aspect of himself known as Soul. Without this knowledge of himself as Soul, all his efforts at succeeding in life come to nothing! A complete waste of time and opportunity!

Let’s look at this phenomenon this way: A man is born, he grows up, goes to school, graduates at any level, gets married, has children, works very hard to make money and survive, sometimes he steals for survival (deceiving himself!), grows old either as a king or pauper or in-between and finally dies (dropping his HU-man body!). Then what is the purpose of life?

If man exists only to achieve any of the above goals, then what is the whole purpose of life? Some believe (and very many do!) that life is all about enjoyment and since you live life only once you might as well enjoy it. The question is: How about children who are born and die within a period of 48 hours, what is the purpose of such life? How about children who are born with fantastic talents, where do they learn it from? How about those who have interacted with family members who died but still give instructions on family matters, where do they operate from?

Only the study of our dreams can give us a clue about the real purpose of our lives. It is however pertinent to note that dreams are just the beginning of our long journey back into the heavenly worlds of God Almighty. So the earlier man studies his dreams, the better for him to understand what life is all about, know what controls his life, and know about how to bring desirable changes to his situation in life. Thus our study of dreams enables us to know who we are, know our spiritual purpose in life, and also know how to control the events in our life.

Thus our dreams help us to know about the spiritual and physical aspects of our lives. For the physical aspect (which is the HU-man body) is forever controlled by the spiritual aspect, which is known as Soul. So, if you do not know yourself as Soul, life will continue to remain a mystery. Therefore, it is the choice of the individual to either unravel the mystery of himself or remain a victim of his own ignorance. This can go on for millions of years and incarnations.

So, let it be understood that every man is the architect of his problems and therefore remains the custodian of his own troubles. If he has chosen not to understand who he is, then he should not blame another for whatever befalls him in life. In law and life also, ignorance is never accepted as an excuse!

As written earlier, your dreams are your link between the spiritual worlds, the worlds of existence and the physical worlds, the world of appearance. As also written earlier, the world of appearance is subject to and controlled by the world of existence. This is the meaning behind the statement: As above, so below! Another way to state it is: As within, so without!

Nothing in the physical worlds exists without it first existing in the heavenly worlds, which is the world of existence. In other words, nothing is created in the physical world without you having a prototype in the heavenly worlds. All things that are said to be created are actually manifested in the physical worlds. Afterall, God was said to have created all the worlds and rested. So creation has been concluded by God. But the key to manifesting what has been created by God lies in the heavenly worlds, your world of dreams.

To study, understand, and interpret your dreams, you need a Teacher. When a student wants to learn any trade like sewing, he or she first takes a decision of the need to learn. The second step is to find someone who knows the trade or how to sew, and the third step is to be humble enough to learn the trade. So it is with any trade or endeavor. So your journey to the understanding of yourself and your dreams begins with taking a decision to know, finding a teacher who knows ( the right one!) and finally begin to learn with humility. And when a student finally learns the trade or how to sew, she does not in any way worship her teacher. The only thing the student does is to respect and be grateful to his Teacher, and to teach other people on how they can also master the subject at hand.

In the case of dreams, there is a Dream Teacher whom God has appointed to guide and teach any Soul who is interested in knowing who he is and what controls his life. That Teacher exists already and is waiting in your dreams. You do not need to fear for before your quest, God has already made a provision for that Soul who is bold enough to ask the right and pertinent questions about life and God.

For how can man understand God if he cannot understand who he is? How can man understand God when he cannot understand the simple meaning of his dreams?How can man understand God when he cannot understand what controls his life year in, year out?

Your journey to understanding yourself, your dreams and your Dream Teacher begins with the HU, the ancient and secrete name of God. This is the reason you are called the HU-man being!

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