Esteemed followers of Soulmate, it is our pleasure to introduce this striking topic to you at this particular season of love. Today is widely believed to be lovers’ Day, “Valentine’s Day.

Anybody entering or contracting relationship has only one thing in mind, that is, to enjoy the relationship. What happens if the relationship is not enjoyable or is not working out well the way you intended it to work out for you? There might be a missing link to that of your mind-set relationship. Hitherto, to make a sound enjoyable relationship, we may look at relationship factors. That brings us to the topic proper, ‘why some relationships suffer’.

Some relationships suffer because of ignoring those factors that are the ladder to a good relationship. This might come from either partners involved in the relationship.

What are those factors?

One of the most important factor that fuels relationship to grow  or become enjoyable is trust. Where trust is jettisoned, it leads to an open suspicion in that relationship, if the distrust is coming from the lady, the man stands to suffer sexual denial with an attitude that the lady will never compromise with her man in all standards.

The man who is being suspected will suffer utmost rejection of the things he usually enjoys in the relationship.

Another thing the man will suffer from is lose of his integrity before the lady in question in that relationship, and if he loves her dearly, while she is bothered about him, he too will never have rest of mind of losing her to another man.

The lady may also compare him to some men that she has ignored their proposals just to accept him.

Even if the man is saying the truth, the lady will never ever believe on him, if truly she loves him with her soul, reason being that he had insulted her integrity of making the man her preferred choice.

She might also never forgive him the rest of her life; she might start calling him derogatory names she had never called him before since getting involved with him in that relationship.

Some ladies even will get sick where trust is established, if the lady sincerely loves the guy that is involved with her in the relationship.

Some may want to get involved with another guy that had showed her respect and regard with care. Trust in a relationship is one that carries all good things in a relationship. Tolerance, patience, regard, insincerity, unfaithfulness, uncaring and unloving attitude are what visit those that have lost trust in their relationship.

Lack of Support From Relations

This is another factor that affects relationship. Relationship is something that goes with emotion of all involved in it.

Many a time, the lady or the man may tend to visit his or her love. On such occasions, the reality of emotional shock could be felt when a relation of either of the partners shows his or her venom against the partners involved.

Sometimes, the man would be threatened to leave their daughter alone. In some cases, the man is arrested and detained in police station without just cause. In such moments, the lady will be crying and have issues with either the parents or the elder brother that caused this set back.

Some established cases had it that some were even killed because of the man involved with their daughter. This is to prevent the man from marrying their daughter. Where the man is not killed, sometimes he is injured. When this happens, the lady will never have the opportunity to express her true love to the man she loves. The man will not have that freedom to enjoy that relationship.

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