Do Yahweh Approve Religious Wars?

What I am posting to you is that these wars are not approved by Yahweh rather they are man-made. For instance, the Christian community are braising up for the war of Armageddon.

This expectation and its preparation is culled from the book of Revelation which made following accounts  “The Kings of the entire inhabited earth will be gathered together to the war of the great day of Yahweh”. “And they gathered then together to the place that is called in Hebrew Har-Magedon or Armageddon”.

The book continue as  “The Kings and their armies will be gathered together to wage the war with the one stated on the horse with his army”.

The one seated on the horse there is identified as Yahoshea Meshiyach  the true son of Yahweh.

The account continued that the reason of that expected war of all wars is for Yahweh through his son to ruin all those that are ruining the earth which will usher in a peaceful world and a new earth that are being expected in tune with Yahweh’s promises.

Do you think that it is possible for “Yahweh of Love” to assign his son Yahoshea the “Prince of Peace” to fight such deadly war to root out all evil people from the face of the earth?”

The answer is simply  NO. Why? Because in all ages past, Yahweh’s character in the cause of bringing truth, humility and righteousness is through the efforts of his prophets and disciples who are totally non-violent in all their approach.

To wage war to root out wicked mortals is not in his character rather it is the wicked men who wage wars against Yahweh’s elects for their selfish interest by seeking for comformity of thought from Yahweh  sent persons.

By this submission, people will wonder how the wicked ones will be eliminated and righteousness covering the earth as water cover the seas.

Yes, Yahweh is father of love and equally that of justice. He Yahweh wears justice like a coat of armour and saving power like a helmet. He clothed himself with the strong desire to see things right and as a perfect king set a principle that whatever one sows same shall such persons reaps.

Yahweh does not avenge or punish any person rather each person pays himself by his karma. (action and reaction).

Another aspect of war that is going on now especially amongst Christendom is what they term as “SPIRITUAL WARFARE” targeted against people of other forms of faith.

Presently, the protestant and Pentecostal arms of Christianity have designed certain avengeful and retaliatory prayers and invocations for Yahweh to punish and destroy unbelievers or those they alleged to practice unknown crafts to them.

These prayers using Holy Ghost as their spiritual force are aimed against evil or false spiritual scientists such as witches, wizards, vampires, occultists, fortune-tellers, voodists, necromancers and numerous to mention.

To Christianity, those stock of false scientists are human agents of Satan the devil whom they are out to destroy.

In those prayers, you will hear them shout “Holy Ghost fire consume, devour, destroy and scatter the intensions and ambitious of the evil or wicked ones”.

But is this prayer pattern learnt form Yahoshea Meshiyach and his disciples? Or are such prayers designed by earthily religious leaders who are deceived to believe that there is existence of Satan and the best way to destroy it is by destroying its workers.

In middle ages, Britain was noted for its physical war against those assumed to be witches and wizards or those that practice such related sciences. On the course of such battle, millions of people were roasted a life for allegedly professing such crafts.

They made such laws by their conviction of their Bible book verse that bear as such, “Suffereth not witch to live”.

Now that the freedom of religion has been accepted as international declaration, the church has shifted its stands of killing these alleged witches and vampires by physical means but has re0designed prayer formats targeted at the destruction of such wicked ones.

I am still on my question.  Do Yahoshea came to destroy the wicked ones either by physical or spiritual means? The answer is NO.  Rather he came for such sinners to receive the truth and repent.

He forgave them their trespasses and taught them the way of life and eternity.

Yahoshea Meshiyach did not bound or cast the devils and demons, neither did he do such to witches and wizards as claimed by the church, rather he came and taught the whole humanity on the best way to realize Yahweh’s consciousness.

In Yahweh’s consciousness, there is no recognition of opposite force or personality that represents it rather all men are image of Yahweh in essence but has freewill of thought by which he can mishandle to disobey the routinal laws of Yahweh. This transgression of the law becomes sin.

Therefore the best way to destroy sin is by converting the sinner to the true path of righreousness but not by killing him in a religious war or spiritual warfares.

If the duty of witches and wizards are to destroy and devour other mortals, is it proper for righteous ones to follow their path of destruction by bounding or destroying them equally?

If righteous one kills a witch, is he still righteous? And what is righteousness? It is a state of being obedient to Yahweh’s laws. And what did Yahweh’s laws say about our relationship with our fellow humans?

It says that we should not kill, blasphem, hate, gossip, covet, bear false witness, lie  against others. Can a true believer be righteous for doing any of those evil things? The answer still remains  No.

Therefore those who raise weapons and kill other under the guise of what you term as Holy War is sin which Yahweh did not approve for you.

Again etching your mind upon the ancient story from your religious book that you are of this stock and must eliminate or hate the other persons in the other stock is act of human ignorance.

Remember the law of laws says, “do unto others what you wish them do to you”. Again remember that karma is a must whether you believe it or not. Those you destroy in what you term as religious wars will be upon your head and you must certainly pay either now or thereafter in your future re-incarnations.

I stand firm by the word of Yahweh through Prophet Yahmarabhi to inform you that Yahweh did not or is to support you in the future for any war against your fellow human beings but he has directed us to love our fellow mortals more than we love ourselves.

Any reason of your so-called religious wars is for yourself meaning you are on your own because you must certainly pay for it. May Yahweh bless this words and may them be part and parcel of our life in Yahoshea’s name I pray,  Halleluyah.


Meshiyach  Yahzitere Yahmarabhi