ISSUES ABATTOIR: That Classification, Recognition, Inauguration Of Andoni Traditional Institution: Implications & Prospects 1

Overtime, the good people of Obolo (Andoni) ethnic Nationality have decried the level of political marginalization especially as it affects infrastructural, social, educational and economic development, not leaving traditional development out.
Development as easy as it sounds is quite difficult to come by, be it infrastructural, traditional, social or economic given the nature of red-tapism or bureaucratic bottle necks involve in any democratic settling without a political will. That is to state that there may be a democratic system in place yet without a political will to drive development to parts of the nation; it could be deliberate or otherwise.
Obolo (Andoni) as the name implies, ought to have developed beyond its present status. The irony of the entire synario is that governance and development are quite different from what one consider it to be. Many critics of the ruling class either consciously or not are failure when handed the opportunity to provide services to the people, be it at the Local Government Area or State. Critics are expected to provide suggestions or recommendations on how to move Obolo forward rather than negatively criticizing those in authority without their input. For instance the incident on Silverbird rhythm view points of Saturday 27th May, 2017.
The truth remains that Obolo nation like it or not, is never stagnant in every ramifications irrespective of the incessant disturbances-cultism, communal imbroglio, hatred, heresy,  political imbalances and otherwise. Thirty (30) years ago, Obolo nation was not what it is today-good or bad. You are let alone to ponder over this without further detail.
Frankly, forty-three (43) years ago there was no known cult related activity(s) in Andoni but there was assassination in some parts. For instance, the then Leader of Isi Ama-(Ichama) HRH, Gilbert Ogbolikan Mbota XVI was assassinated on December 24th, 1974.  Again, thirteen years ago properties belonging to a section, in fact the royal compound of Isia Ama, compound of the said assassinated king was set ablaze by known and unknown persons, yet no revenge and that community keep existing.
Several of such misfortunes had erupted other towns and villages in Andoni kingdom yet they exists.
DEVELOPMENT: First and foremost in the mind of every Obolo sons and daughters when the word development is mentioned would have been how to shun, condemned and resist the temptation of anything whatsoever, which may provoke such ugly situations. It is expected that if there will be any review of Andoni situation by any group, such synario where communities were set ablaze, unfounded lies and destructive tendencies should be at the front burners rather than fuelling or inciting crisis .
Development ensures where there is peace, love, synergy with one another, lack of pull him down syndrome, lack of hatred amongst others. Development is a product of the inner construction of a being not minding the status and sex. A pure heart is likening to a development heaven.
Yes, it is obvious that development is synonymous with peace, but it is also worthy of note that the development of a place could also aid in curbing certain criminal lives of a people. On the other hands development also breeds certain unworthy life style. Why does crime exist in the developed world?
At this point, it is the view of Issues Abattoir that the development which eluted the Obolo people was neither because of criminal activities nor disunity rather occasioned on then system that be.
Prior to the 19th century, people believed the Obolo (Andoni) man is not academically educated, so anything could go for them, including marginalization.
However, the progenitors of Obolo had lived in harmony and love hence their ability to accommodate all kinds of visitors in their territory, some of whom pose difficulty to them. Despite their love and harmonious relationship with others they were and are still warriors; that was why were not easily defeated at anything, save the use of pen and paper where those enhanced hurriedly published certain unfounded lies against the people.
To buttress this point, today the Obolo (Andoni) man is everywhere: academically, politically, socially and otherwise. In the world of academics, the Andoni man stops at nothing to be educated to at least with Masters Degree even in the obvious face of hunger, what a challenge! If any Andoni man was cheated before or in the 16th century, the stories were and remain different before the 18th century. As evolution is key, the development of Obolo ethnic nationality is certain as the hard earn resources of the fore fathers, now bears fruits, at least their labours has not been in vain. Educationally, Obolo is evolving as in other sectors of live.
It is factual that, prior to the present day realities, the Andoni ancient traditional stools were not accorded any recognitions or given the needed attention. Where kings and natural rulers sat looks like an abominable place for the Obolo man irrespective of her numerous God’s given endowment including intelligence because they were relegated by those in authority who considered themselves above others.
That also paved the ways for several histories that in many ways also caused crisis and uncertainties in the kingdom.
One thing is paramount in life that truth is and would always float at the appropriate season and time-this is the situation of Obolo today.
Today, Obolo (Andoni) ethnic nationality becomes the positive discussions and talk of day, making the news allover. In Rivers State history would be incomplete without mention of Obolo (Andoni).
The creation of Rivers State on May, 27th 1967 would not have been possible without the signatures of Chief (Hon.) Uche Okuba Ekeneokot a former member of the Federal House of Representatives, who deferred all known forces and moved the motion for the creation of Rivers State and Chief Graham Bibi Charles Otoko of the present day Agwut-Obolo who co-signed the memorandum sent to the then military head of state. They are all of blessed memories. Obolo is on the verge of fast development, but for a child to walk he must first crawl, walk and fall, or walking in a stroking style before a perfect walk. Obolo by the divine grace of God had completed certain of these processes, now her season and time for a perfect walk has come, hurray.
The Traditional institution, as said earlier was not in any picture but today particularly in 2016, the government of Rivers State having carefully reviewed the laws, classified, elevated and recognized two (2) traditional stools to a first class status within four months courtesy of His Excellency, Chief (Barr.) Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, CON, Executive Governor of Rivers State.
Those classifications and recognitions of traditional stools of Ikuru-Town and Ngo town respectively as well as Unyeada town without mincing words has placed Obolo (Andoni) on the world’s map of development, joy, peace and of course due attention. Now, the Andoni traditional rulers stands tall and sits anywhere in the traditional hall of Rivers State without humiliation.
While the people are glad with the Rivers State Government over their subsequent traditional council inauguration, they are hopeful of further classifications and recognitions of more traditional stool.
Issues Abattoir is poised to say that the development of Obolo (Andoni) is sacrosanct, therefore cannot be hindered.
By this preamble, it is good to say that Obolo (Andoni) is on the verge of development, so all must work harder to enthrone it in all areas. However in the course of finding solutions to the multi-faceted problems of Obolo kingdom, correctible errors or mistakes could occur. But the truth remains that Obolo most move forward. Read further editions. ###
With James Mgboineme