October 1, 2017 Deadline Whose interest?

nigeria_map_mUnequivocally, Nigeria as a nation is blessed with both human and material resources. The country is made up of different ethnic nationalities with distinct culture and languages. Prior to the advert of colonial rule, there were separate city states existing independently with kings and monarchs.
When the whitemen came, they introduced different system of governance ranging from direct rule to indirect rule. The colonial’s direct rule system fails woefully in the Eastern part of Nigeria which propelled the white men to introduce the system of indirect rule. In 1914, the north and southern protectorates were amalgamated by the then Governor –General, Lord Fredrick Luggard. Since then Nigeria is going stronger and stronger until 1966 when the country witnessed political convulsion and civil disobedience that led to pogrom across the nation.
After the Nigeria Civil war successive governments ensure that the country remains one. No vanquished, no victor was a word from Yakubu Gowon while addressing Nigeria after the civil war. It was a word of reconciliation, rehabilitation and reconstruction.
Sadly several years after a group which calls itself Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) came up and started its activities which cannot foster national unity, but it will rather divide and cause commotion in the country.
Ethnic agitations in any given society is not bad, it brings about self determination and economic emancipation. Ethnic agitations also help to push minorities to the limelight.
Due to the way and the manner in which Nigeria is being administered by our leaders, different ethnic nationalities are advocating for self determination.
However, the October 1, 2017 deadline issue by the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) has ordered the Easterners to leave the northern Nigeria. The October 1, ultimatum is a bad signal to the continued peaceful co-existence of the country calls the giant of Africa.
If the northern youths behave negatively on the sad date, Nigeria might head towards a doom that nobody can salvage.
The security agencies and other relevant authorities should put all necessary security apparatus in order to ensure that nothing happens as the nation celebrates fifty-eight (58) years of political autonomy.  ###

Damiete West