Travails of Angala Community

Angala community drama is a fictional community that captures most of all the activities in the waterfronts or water side settlements in Rivers State.

Script writer and programme planner Chicco Radio, Grace Timi stated this while fielding questions via a telephone interview from The Newswriter newspaper.

She added that, because most people get wrong impression about these communities, they tend to treat their dwellers with little or no regards at all.

She stated that amnesty International is the major sponsors of the Angala community drama.

She added that, she would be glad to see more sponsor because the need for funds cannot be easily exhausted.

She also said that, for the purpose of promoting this drama, Angala Community which translates in English language to mean “A tree in the mangrove”; T-Shirt, Flash drives, stickers were distributed to people.

She stated that every campaign period politicians would come down to these communities and seek for votes and support. At the end of the day these same policitins would want to demolish or force the dwellers out of their abode in the name of development.

“Do not get one wrong, development is good and people love development. All I am saying is that people should be carried along, they should be part and parcel of the developmental process she said.

Grace added that in most of these communities the police and other security agencies do not always follow dues process in dealing with issues associated to those that live in them.

Rather, they shiver and tremble when they come in contact with security agents. This wouldn’t be the case. She stated.

Still speaking, she pointed out the issues of forced marriages, poor education for the girl child as part of the challenges that confront these settlements. ####