Heaven and Hell


By Tuborki Dauyemie

A Spiritual Guide is one that has been appointed by God to lead all ready Souls back home to God. At every point in time there is always the Living Spiritual Guide in all the worlds of God. If any individual is interested in visiting the heavens of God and is ready to be trained then that individual should sing the Holy and Sacred name of God, HU and the Spiritual Guide shall appear to him in his dreams. Unfortunately most individuals are still seeking prosperity so their attention is on material things, so heaven continues to elude them. They have forgotten the spiritual injunction ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness …’

I had a cousin of mine who took a recommended drug and he had to be rushed to a hospital inLagos. I ‘happened’ to be around his house when the incidence occurred so I drove the car that took him to the clinic of a Doctor friend. He was unconscious when we arrived the clinic but was later revived after about an hour.

When he came into his senses, he claimed to have been taken to a beautiful gate where armored guards stood. They were all looking very beautiful that he wanted to stay for a longer period but he was told to go back to earth until he was ready. He wanted answers to questions so he asked me; ‘where was this place that I visited because it was so real’?

‘But you were lying down here on the bed, so which body did you use to go there’? I teased.

He happens to belong to the old school, those who believe in one life, go to school, graduate, get a job, get married, rear children, seek money, grow old and attend a church while waiting for death to go to heaven.

If life is nothing more than this how about a child of one, two years that dies? What manner of life? How about a day old child that dies after birth, what would be the purpose of that life if life is only lived once?

In any case my cousin could not answer the question.

In one of my sojourns to the heavens of God, I could see trees and grasses made of diamond and other ornaments that would make the earthly man cry with desire. I was at a river bank with my Spiritual Guide and the river itself was sparkling in nature but the heavens of God need to be experienced, not to be written about.

Another journey took me to the moon in the company of my Spiritual Guide. The earthly man claims that there are no beings on the moon and other planets because he expects to experience them with the physical eyes but the Spiritual man knows the other way, the inner way by adjusting himself spiritually and travelling via the Soul body. We were able to travel freely and mingle with beings on this planet going about their activities peacefully.

A third journey took us to the true spiritual worlds to the land of no- thing where Soul is the only form of existence in pure shining light in the splendor of the true heavens of God.

Where can one find words to describe the true heavens of God?

Words fail here.

The true heavens of God are beyond the mental plane, the third heaven, so it can hardly be described by words.

The fear of hell fire is the reason most people worship God in today’s society. But who gives birth to a child and then throws that child into an ‘eternal burning fire’ simply because he committed an unforgivable offence? God being a God of love never had that in his plans for man. Instead you have locations in the spiritual worlds where man is given an opportunity to remedy any action committed during his stay on Earth while on his Spiritual Education. This is the basis of a man ‘reaping what he sows’. When man commits an act of imbalance, the due payment is either done on Earth here or man reincarnates back anywhere else to pay for such imbalance.

The heavens of God are indeed accessible. If any individual wishes to journey into these heavens while still alive, then he must seek three things to achieve this objective.

The first and most important is for that individual to seek for a Living Being who knows the way. This Living Being is known as the Wayshower, who lives amongst men. It is the responsibility for the individual to seek him out. Man does not need to travel to anywhere to meet the Living Godman but can sing the Holy and sacred name of God HU (sung huuuuueee, in a long drawn out tone before bedtime) and God shall send the Wayshower to the individual via the dream state. It takes only the bold and adventurous to enter into the heavens of God.

The second is the Audible Life Stream, the Holy Spirit, the Light and Sound of God. This wave of the Holy Spirit moves in a clockwise fashion from the high heavens of God to the extreme of creation in a centrifugal  fashion and goes back into the Ocean of Love and Mercy in a centripetal fashion back to God. It is this returning wave that the seeker needs to catch. It is the responsibility of the Living Godman to link that bold and ready Soul to this wave that would return Soul back to God.

Third and equally important aspect is that the individual would need to be trained and disciplined in the Spiritual Works to achieve this feat. The individual must have the willingness to be trained by the Living Godman, the Spiritual Coach, whose responsibility it is to train Soul to realize Itself and achieve this lofty objective of Spiritual Freedom while others are still waiting to die to go to heaven.

The meek shall inherit the earth while the bold and adventurous will soar like the eagle and conquer the Spiritual heavens of God!

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