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R/S Teachers Celebrate World Teachers Day with Bitterness

Allanso Jonathan Allanso

Governor Amaechi

As RiversStateteachers celebrate world teachers day while waiting for the implementation of the N18,000 minimum wage, lecturers of the state owned university, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, UST, are aggrieved on the weakness of the Governor Amaechi administration to respect the character molders. Like a thunderbolt from heaven, it has hit the teachers with a surprise that the state executive is not ready to honour the profession in which he passed through to become a governor. Teaching is one noble profession that reared all other professions in the day to day running of the society. Teachers lay the foundation of the educated man in society today and so the profession is supposed to be unique in the scheme of things in every government at all levels. Today the story is far from so. Why? The Newswriter correspondent spoke with cross section of residents ofPort Harcourtand came back with the following responses: Madam Cecilia is a trader at the town area ofPort Harcourtand spoke concerning the plight of the teachers in the state. “Well, it is a pity that Amaechi government is not giving preference to the teaching profession. If he was not taught by teachers from all the schools he attended could he be a governor today inRiversState? What is good to do should be done to the teachers. Amaechi should respect the teachers and pay the teachers all their due without wasting time. Heaven may not be happy, if he does otherwise.”. Mr. Andrew is a banker with Finbank Port Harcourt and reacts in these words, “Amaechi is a gentle man and he is expected to behave like a gentleman. I learnt Amaechi himself came from a poor background. That should mean the governor should respect the teachers by paying them before any other profession. In fact, the teachers’ salary should not be delayed each month, notwithstanding whatever difficulty the state is facing financially, if he values the education of the children ofRiversState. The governor also passed through schools, if the teachers did not teach him he could not be where his is today. Besides the minimum wage, the governor should pay the teachers their dues. I learnt the teachers have not been paid even as they celebrate the World Teachers Day. This is bad, for God’s sake the month has ended and every worker is entitled to his sweat”. Mr. Tamuno is a junior school principal in one of the schools, inPort Harcourt. He spoke to our correspondent concerning the plight of the teachers inRiversState. “My brother teachers today are valueless, particularly in Amaechi’s government in the areas of promotion, benefits, impress allowance, also duty post allowance. All have been denied the teachers. We are only there as teachers, unhappy, and we leave our fate to life. We are not enjoying the profession anymore as expected. Our salaries are more of the sufferings you see these days. Particular in this governor. Odili’s government was a little better than Amaechi government. Our prayer is unto God Almighty to help us achieve our aims as teachers by producing seasoned scholars. Because the future of every child passing through us depends on how we dedicate ourselves to duty to affect his or her life”. Most of those interviewed spoke in similar manner. The Newswriter news desk also spoke with the chairman of the teachers union in the state, comrade Chief Moses Adiela. Chief Moses Adiela in his response decried the ugly situation teachers face today in the state and simply appealed to the state executive to remember his schooling days and make things better for the teachers. ###

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