Enyeama’s Suspension Exposes Siasia’s Technical Deficiency

It is no longer news that almighty Super Eagles of Nigeria will not be part of 2012 Nations cup, due to the Super Eagles failure to defeat their Guinean counterpart, when they came visiting the Eagles in the nations cup final qualifier tie at Abuja national stadium.

The Eagles were beaten 1-0 at the Guinean ground, which means for the Eagles to qualify for the Nations cup,Nigeriaought to beat the Guinean team either 2-0 or 3-1 which was carelessly wasted away because of pride of a coach who never looked back to the days he was playing for the Nigerian national team.

Samson Siasia refused to pass ball to Raskidi Yekini who was in a better position to score; this led to the then team handler coach Clement Westerhof to punish Siasia for his greed and selfishness. This suspension did not last long becauseNigeriahad a crucial match that needed Siasia. He was being petted and brought to play for the country.

The point The Newswriter sports desk is making here is why can’t Siasia have a better replacement for Vincent Enyeama before suspending him for a crucial match, like the determining qualifier of this magnitude, knowing fully well that the central defence of the Eagles is nothing to write home about? These could have been factors he (Siasia) could have considered. The nationNigeriais supreme to one’s personal happiness or joy. In suspending Vincent Enyeama he did not even have a good replacement for that match. This has exposed his technical lapses for Nigerians.

Though, Nigerians believed in Coach Siasia, with what has happened the Nigerian football loving public is in doubt about Siasia’s ability to take the Eagles to a glorious end.

The match between the Eagles and Syily stars ofGuineashould  not have been used for an experimental match, where new interested players would have to be featured. The Super Eagles for now have no team. Coach Siasia should have known that fact. The high sense and pride of Siasia has cost the nation her lost in the 2012 Nations cup, courtesy his attitude. ###


Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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