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Pastor Songo Whyte Charges Nigerians To Support Removal Of Fuel Subsidy

The General Overseer of Super Life Assembly, Pastor Songo Whyte has urged Nigerian to stop protesting over the removal of fuel subsidy in the country.
He stated this during a chat with The Newswriter.
Pastor Songo affirmed the removal of fuel subsidy as a welcome development that would release stress from the country and that Nigerians should sit up and think positively in order to have balance and stability in the economy since the issue of subsidy removal would boost up the economic affairs of the country,
Pastor Songo also stated that Nigerians should give a chance to the President to implement the issue in question.
He further stated that there are credible people in charge to implement the laudable programmes of president Jonathan and so the should be given the chance and assist them, adding that he was convinced that the removal of subsidy would never be in vain as the crew would not disappoint the nation.
Pastor Songo urged Nigerians to wake up and be focused to position the nation in a realm of life to achieve our goals of a stable economy.
He said Nigerians should think about the welfare of their children tomorrow and other lasing infrastructural development and not that of today only.
“President Goodluck Jonathan has always been a president sent from God to free the nation’s past and present diseases. I see no reason why he may not lead us well. Let us give him a chance to pilot the affairs of the country the way he is directed for the implementation of good ideas to Nigerians. It is only an ignorant man that does not understand the issue of subsidy removal because it is freedom that is coming to Nigeria. How could Nigeria export and import their natural resources giving to them by God? Is it not a cause? Once again, we should think of how to refine and export but not to refine internationally and import back for consumption. This issue has been a challenge to federal government, Let us face the fact that by the grace of God, if finally the issue in question is implemented, there would also be job opportunities and infrastructural development in the nation that would extend to our children in future,” Pastor Songo stated.
He also referred to the 25% reduction of salaries as a demonstration of the sincerity of the president.

Emmanson George

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