You can make it in 2012

We all can make it
If we put behind us
The lost of 2011
And face 2012 with vigour
Dedication with purpose and discipline
Forsaking the former persons in us
To refocus 2012 with simplicity.
If only we can change the inner man
From cheating not to cheat 2012
Surprises are abound 2012
For us all in the most marvelous gaiety.
But for that to happen
We all must pay a price
The price of self-discipline
Dedication and devotion to Yahweh
While craving for His mercies and favours
Assuring to become entirely a new being
Determined to be of the best profile
Redeemed for the best in the society
Multiple reasons to live on
A blessing to society and families
A glorious gift we will become to Yahweh
Our families and associates
Bound for Heaven’s glory.
That is, if we can only tame
That which made us fail in 2011
It could be our best bet to make history
Yet change happening for good
Not only will we be commended by Yahweh
Legacy we will still establish
Trust we will earn
Love we also will have craved
For those who never believed us
To believe in us, to live a safe life
Peaceful will we be recognized in trust
Happy we all will be for ourselves
Heroes and Heroines surely society counts
Us in our sacrifice to trust
Rest of mind we all will have
Achievement from left and right
We will never whisker from no end.
Yes, we can all make it in 2012
Surrendering to the will power of Yahweh
No regret will we be at all cost
Times and history will never forget us
Reward will be our portion
In 2012 for our reasoning.

By Allanso Jonathan Allanso
Facebook: Allanso Jonathan Allanso
The Mirror Poet
Email: j4real91@yahoo.com

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