The Importance Of Feeder Teams

Feeder teams play a key role in sustaining any premiership campaigning side in any state, most especially when the main team is being sponsored by a state.
The feeder teams are like the roots of the main teams in building a formidable team, as maturing players are shipped or shifted to the main team each season to beef up the squad of the main team for the season.
It is then very important that Sharks and Dolphins football clubs of Port Harcourt should without wasting time think towards ressurecting the buried feeder teams of these clubs.
It would be recalled that former Commissioner for Sports, Rivers State, Hon. Boma Iyaye, disbanded the existing feeder teams of Sharks and Dolphins football clubs, for whatever reasons one cannot tell.
There is a new season in sight. Sharks and Dolphins are recruiting players. This job would have been made easy supposing there are structures like the feeder teams of Sharks and Dolphins.
With the removal of the feeder teams, it has added another burden to the coaches who now have a stressful time in recruiting new players from the length and breadth of the shores of the country, something that the coaches could have handled easily if the feeder teams are in existent.
As it is, both coach Stanley Eguma of Dolphins and coach John Obuh of Sharks are having all sorts of players being sent to them for screening from left and right, whereas, if the feeder teams were in existence, it would have been so easy for both coaches to only transfer maturing players into the main team. Only time will tell the future of feeder teams.

Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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