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Welcome to another glorious month of hope for the singles and married who are having difficult married life, soul mate is hopeful that your staying together will definitely bring in positive changes to the situation.
As we start planning the new month, what mind set do you have this month? If you have a difficult time in your relationship last month, please, Soul Mate would want you to enter this new month with a positive forgiving heart, and if you do, you will have plenty good testimonies to give. Just believe and it shall be so.

Forgiveness is one important factor in relationship that could not be ignored, if we mean to have healthy relationship throughout our life span as human beings.
It is time to forgive your partner and move on. I know it hurts but how long would you carry on with that burden of pain in your heart all alone? The earlier you forgive and move on the better for you. Please know this, if you refuse to let go of that pain, you are making yourself your greatest enemy.
(a) You will not see anything good in the opposite sex because it was someone like him or her that hurt and break your heart.
(b) That dark cloud in your heart will not allow you to ever trust any other opposite sex
(c) You will never come to terms that sincere and true relationship exist.
(d) You will be so blind to the one who really will bring sunshine into your life
(e) Same, all good things will bypass you even when it is clear that you are the one who is supposed to have that particular favour
(f) You will be psychology be affected to your inside, you will not even have feeling for sex.
(g) You will look physically pale outside, your physic will tell on you outside on the negative thus making you a shadow of yourself
(h) You will also hate yourself for getting involved with your partner that hurt you. Please know that whatever pain you are under going inside you will not be felt by the partner in which you are having that pain and hurt for.
(i) Spiritually if you do not forgive you also forfeit what is supposed to come to you. In other words, you put a block against your spiritual flow.
(j) If you do not forgive at will, you will be negative in your attitude towards the opposite sex
(k) If you do not forgive and forget you will attract severe unknown pains (ill health) to yourself.
(l) You will be unable to do most of your favourite works, you enjoy doing.
(m) You will make lots of mistakes over and over again in place of work which may call for your sack.
We will stop here so far; hope to continue next weeks, why people hurt their partners in relationship.
The Soul Mate Editor is a year older. All those who are happy, that love what he is doing on the Soul Mate column, could send him a birthday wish message on this line 08082649997

Pisces Feb March 20
If you are a Pisces, check out the day of your birth and its conspicuous characteristic as it influences your day to day life.
Days of Birth characteristics
Monday Ambitious
Tuesday Boldness
Wednesday Restless Disposition
Thursday Changing attitude
Friday A yearning for the
Saturday Mystical
Sunday High Moral

Those woman who are rigid to love making should make use of cucumber with drinking of plenty water. Also eat fruits like pawpaw, orange, garlic and tomatoes, when taking tea or pap. Please make use of natural honey in place of sugar in your tea. For the men apart from eating plenty carrot, banana, plantain, rice and fresh prawns. They should engage in exercise and drink plenty water. Do not forget to make use of honey as your friend even raw. ####

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