Jose Mourinho Wants Drogba

The superlative form of aging Didier Drogba of Chelsea football club of England has excited his former boss, Jose Mourinho, hence he wants him in his fold desperately.
Didier Drogba is the captain of Ivory Coast national football team and has so conducted himself both in the pitch and off the pitch in social circles. Call him the gentle man that has the ability to move into the white man’s circle in the soccer arena and had made name for himself and the African continent.
The special one, as he is being called based on his exploits with Chelsea in England and the Ivorian national team captain, has special moments to savour which the round leather game has brought to bear in the two heroic figures in the most loved sport on earth.
One is a coach while the other is a player. The similarity of these two men comes alive with the passion both deliver their services in the game of football. Though both men had worked together once in the same club, now on their different clubs as duty demands, they remain inseparable in their hearts.
They met in a dramatic circumstance when Drogba scored the fifth minute goal while playing for Marseille in France. The moment brought the two world history makers together never to part in their heart. Today Drogba still reigns in Mourinho’s heart as he wants him for himself.
It would be recalled that when Jose Mourinho was to leave Chelsea months after the cup final, there came Drogba’s embrace. Mourinho could not speak because that is the same way the duo got themselves involved in each other’s lives. Didier Drogba was heard saying, “This is not possible, this is not possible, this is not happening.” Mourinho could only find the strength to turn and walk away with emotions built inside of him. That same indivisible love and attraction is playing to bringing both master and servant back together in the same circle of football in the different club. ###

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