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Engage Ex-sports Men In Service – Stakeholders

Stakeholders in the public sector have called on the sports authority to engage former sports internationals to the sports business in the various sporting events that make the sports industry unique.
In a chat with The Newswriter sports desk, former Eaglet star, Val who once worked with Tunde Disu as a player for the nation, said the way former sports men and women are neglected in service of their father land when they are done with their prime is not in the best of the country.
The one time ex-Eaglet stated that football or whatever sports that the various sports men and women had pass through should be encouraged to serve their father land back with their wealth of experience they have acquired in sports over the years.
He advocated that the National Assembly should pass a bill to support ex-international sports men and women alone to run sports in the country, pointing out that in that way sports will be best managed and run in the most unique way as to lift the country’s name in the world’s sports map.
He further stressed that sports men who had passed through the various sports events today are left behind while those who do not know or had not contributed to the various sports are the people managing or running sports in the country, hence sports is not progressing in the country.
He would want a situation where sport is being managed and administered by seasoned sports men and women who had represented the country or state in that sporting event. He cited football as the worst sport that had been abused over the years, as non-footballers are the ones managing and running the sport at all times. ###

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