Rashidi Yekini’s Travail To Death

The death of Nigeria’s greatest profile goal scorer has come and gone in many shades, leaving lots of Nigerians with sour memories of his prowess in the game of soccer when he lasted on earth.
Many had come up with lot of difficult stories surrounding his death. True or false, that is the simple reason The Newswriter sports desk wishes to come up with a careful study done on the super star and circumstances leading to his death.
Rashidi Yekini was not at any given time “mad” or mentally deranged as was speculated in some quarters, rather Rashidi was depressed and acted to the situation he found himself, relating to his adventure in the game of soccer and the society, most especially those that claimed they are his friends, playmate or associates.
It is a common knowledge that Rashidi Yekini played soccer with passion which also translated to his reckoning in the international world. Though he was not educated, what he lacked in education he got from the round leather game.
Rashidi Yekini was a passionate fellow when it comes to soccer and followed up with every step of the game, as the game embranced him. The Nigerian goal king signed lots of contracts with all the clubs that approached him without careful study.
Why Rashidi Yekini refused to see his fellow team players and soccer associates was because, when he retired from playing the game, he found out that there were certain benefits he ought to have got in all the contracts he signed. It was at this point that he saw every other person in the soccer world as not loving him. His reasons, he felt, was that if they had loved him, they should have advised him on how to handle those contracts. Those benefits, considering the way he played and was cherished by the entire world, would have been his fall back, which would have made him happy for the rest of his life.
It was at this point that the former goal king of Nigeria went depressed with the country Nigeria and the rest of the soccer fraternity. That explained the reason he refused to talk to former Super Eagles colleagues, sports journalists and associates.
To prove that Rashidi Yekini was not mad, he occasionally went out to see the orphans, the less-privileged ones and donated to them, The star saw these set of people like himself that needed attention which was not given when he needed it in his contract signing days.
Credit to the Super star, he was a gentleman, committed, disciplined player, quiet and tended to keep to himself in all life. It is on record that Yekini never had yellow card throughout his playing days in the Super Eagles colours.
He made one last wish before his death. That he wanted the rest of the world to address him as Rashed instead of Rashidi. This was Yekini’s passionate wish and appeal.
Neighbours confirmed him as a gentle, good neighbour who never maked trouble with anybody. He gave appointment to those that related with him and related with them perfectly without contradiction. So why should some persons say he had mental problem.?
This became a make-up story from those that wanted his attention which he refused. He drove himself, trained with players and would come back to the house.
The man Rashed Yekini died out of frustration and regret, leading to depression, not mentally ill. ###


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