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Rivers Will Defend Gold Medals Successfully- Harry

The Director of Rivers State Sports council, Sir. (Hon.) Daobu Harvest Harry, has declared emphatically that Rivers state is going to Lagos to successful defend the Gold medals she won at the 17th National Sport Festival.
The out-spoken Director made this statement while speaking with The Newswriter sports editor recently in Port Harcourt at the Civic Centre. He stressed that there are 20 compulsory sports open to all competing states, with 15 optional sports on the log table for the hosting state to pick five optional sports out of the fifteen. It then means that the hosting state has the option to choose five out of the 15 optional sports that it has comparative advantage. He pointed out that what is comparatively advantage to Rivers State may not be the same for Lagos state that is the hosting state of the 18th national sports festival.
He revealed that Rivers State chose her comparative optional five sports from the list of 15 it has comparative advantage, based on the facilities on ground. Lagos state, being, the hosting state.
Lagos state being the hosting state, has the same advantage at the 18th National Sports festival, come November, 2012, to make up 25 in total, in the sports log table.
Sir Harry however noted that this does not mean that Rivers State will lag behind, rather Rivers State is going to Lagos state to defend the gold medals she won at the 17th National Sports festival here in Port Harcourt, when the state hosted the sports fiesta.
He maintained that there is no shaking for Rivers State come November 2012, when the whole comity of states in Nigeria will file against each other in competing for honours in their different state colours.
He therefore urged Rivers people not to entertain any fear for Rivers State, as the state is up to the task. ###


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