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How To Propose To A Woman

3. Her Parents: Sometimes, for some ladies, it is good to pass through the parents. But please be careful. First find out if she is the old-fashioned type that would accept that. If she is the type that would accept that, you could ask her parents for permission.
4. What time? Timing is also important for a proposal. For example, it would be inadvisable to propose when you know you have done something wrong and she is annoyed with you. Don’t also make her feel you are rushing her. Though there is no specific time for proposal, it is important that you propose when both of you are happy with each other and in a relaxed atmosphere. If there is significant day that means a lot for both of you, may be her birthday, your birthday (which of course both of you always look forward to and participate fully), the anniversary of the first day you met, a festivity period, a holiday period that both of you always look forward to, like Christmas, valentine, and other such holidays, the mood may be suitable to propose and she would hardly refuse.
5. Where to propose: Although you can propose anywhere, it would be very romantic if you take your time to choose a pleasant and conducive place. Yu can take her to a beach if she likes the beach. You can take her to an exotic place she has not been before, but looks forward to being there. It could even be at a regular place, but take time to make the place little different and pleasing.
6. How you will propose? You must have bought the ring, unknown to her, a memorable and romantic ring. You want to make it very memorable; knowing that after several years, you and her may be recalling the occasion and retelling the story happily. Will you kneel on one knee, that is the traditional pose and tell her to accept you to marry her? The choice is yours and it does not matter whether you do it in public. Even the onlookers will be amused and some busy-bodies may even assist you to make her accept. It may be just fun. You may be in an occasion together, with sweet music playing. You know her type of music. You can secretly tell the DJ or the band to play her favourite tune and as the music goes on, you perform your act and expose your love for her. You must be creative. All the time, you must never allow her know that you have such intentions. Even as you sit at a table alone chatting and sipping whatever is your favourite drink, you can skillfully present a beautiful gift for her with the ring carefully hidden in it. You may even get up, excuse yourself and go and buy the gift, if the place is such, carefully well-wrapped and present it to her on the table. Gently urge her to open the gift and at the sight of the ring tell her how you would love her to be your life partner. She would hardly resist and hardly refuse.
Researchers have also suggested that you create a word puzzle or crossword which when solved would say, “Will you marry me?” on the other hand, if she listens to a favourite DJ with you on a radio station, take time to arrange with the DJ so that as both of you listen, he would announce the proposal over the air. Because you know the very period, you will tell her at the appropriate time to listen to what the DJ would say. Believe me, it would be very thrilling, as there would be a ring with you t to slip on her finger, just as the DJ is announcing the proposal!
Remember, you must be careful in selecting the ring. Several days or even weeks before the day you planned, playfully and tactfully, ask her of the type of wedding rings she likes. Ask as if a friend of yours confided in you about his plans for his lady. Unconsciously, she would give you details of the type of wedding ring she likes, without knowing it is for her.

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