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All over the world, it is considered that, the man is the one to propose to a woman for marriage. But Soulmate is here to prove that a lady could also propose to a man she is so much in love with. She could also sponsor the marital rites, if the man does not have money to perform the marital rites. This is where the entire world misunderstood Yahweh perception of creating man and woman together.

Without a woman the man is not complete in creation, in the same vein without the man, the woman is not complete in creation. Both man and woman complement the beautiful creation of Yahweh. Genesis 1:27, Genesis 2:21-23.

The woman is the direct helper of the man. What does a helper do in a situation where the helper has the means to help out the situation at hand? You could bear with me that in the society today, some women are more progressive than some men even as they attended the same school and pass through the same training. In situation where the man has all the qualities required to make a sound husband but is limited by physical cash, the woman or lady who has been in courtship relationship with the man could come to the aid of the man and take care of the marital rites involving their final coming together as man and woman officially in the eyes of the world.

This could be done in the most understanding manner; the lady in question should be submissive as a wife despite the fact that she sponsored the marriage. Same way, the man should not take the lady for granted rather he should show more love, commitment and dedicate his joy to the lady by making her special. Afterall the scriptures says whatever is owned by the man belongs to the woman and vice versa.

The most important thing in marriage is the understanding and respect enjoyed by both partners. Regard and respect for the feeling of the man should be the primary duty of the lady. The man on his part should not see himself as a sort of demigod by treating the lady anyhow he likes, rather, it is the moment to demonstrate sincere love and devotion to the lady for believing in him.

This type of actions is not common and is viewed in this part of the world as odd, but in the advance world, the action is a normal thing.

It should be noted that both the man and the woman have equal right in a marriage relationship. Only that, there should be a leader or a representative in any setting hence the man is traditionally chosen as the head of the family. So, the ladies should not feel relegated to the background. A lady could take care of the marriage rite of her man and still remain submissive to him. I know the ladies will react negatively to what I am saying. But there are no two ways to this coin.

This is a major cause of some ladies waiting on a man for marriage so long. The man is willing but the physical cash is simply not available. Many ladies have also lost their true partner because of this factor and got married to the man who has the cash and ready for marriage. The story is not the same everywhere. Some are crying, some are making it.

If ladies have the means to end the long waiting in a relationship they should please do. For the earlier you help out your man the better for your freedom and happiness for trying to play smart as, some married the wrong choice of man. How will you feel seeing yourself married to someone that does not have regard and emotional feeling for you?

Ladies today after enjoying themselves with the opposite sex, and seeing that age is telling on them opt for this type of marriage. Five out of ten marriage have this kind of sad story in the society.

Please ladies, marriage is not like embarking on a journey to a place and later you come back to your place of abode. Marriage is not to be managed rather it is to be enjoyed.

The essence of marriage is two adult coming together in love, feeling and emotional regard for each other to produce their kind.

Is like a school where you learn your partner’s likes and dislikes, dos and don’ts to achieve the ultimate great of producing their kinds and train them also to become independent.

Therefore the lady is as powerful and important as the man. And right from creation the woman’s role is comforting and stand a more concrete position to assist the man than the man helping himself out in a situation where he is up to marriage age but could not help himself because the cash is not available. This is where the lady comes in, if the lady did not say anything who will know? There are many ways the lady could achieve this. If the man is a proud type, she could borrow him. But where the man is understanding the lady could simply tell him to rest his mind that, she is footing the bill, but this should be done with the most sincere mind of humanity and regards.

If the man knows himself and faithful, he has no choice to reject the offer. He may pay back later on in life, when things started blossoming for him.


Star Services

Pisces (Feb. 19-20 March)

The month of March is ending this week. This means that Soulmate Star services will be concluding on Pisces. In ending Pisces. We are giving a bonus to all our readers the career to manage suitable partner of the Pisces man and woman.

The Pisces man or woman most suitable spouse is scorpion.

For career, those who are born under this interesting star are endowed with the gift of fast understanding of whatever they learn. The most suitable career.

Career/job are; gigner, carpenter, lawyer and field of medicine (either nursing, pharmacist or doctor).

They are educationally endowed, clerical, reverend (priest or pastor), a contractor, an architect or soldier.

Herbal Service

Quail Egg and Moringa For Cure Of Ailments

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