The Will Of God

Often times, people attribute failures or misunderstanding in life to the will of God. When man is at his wits end or in circumstances beyond his control or understanding he says ‘it must be the will of God’.  This phrase is thus regarded as resignation to a force higher than man. When man cannot fathom the meaning of events in his life he hides behind what he calls the will of God. Yet man in his ignorance remains in this self acclaimed status of not making any move to improve his situation either through pride or attachment to those same ideas that leads him to nowhere.

What then is the will of God? How can man understand this will of God and know the directions to take? How can man constantly align his will to this will of God in all situations?

Is it the will of God for man to suffer in life? Is it the will of God for the righteous to perish and the wicked to continue to enjoy this world?

Can man survive in this world without understanding the will of God?

The will of God for man is for man to return home to God as a Co-worker with God. This is the broad goal for every soul in form. All actions of man therefore must be guided towards achieving this objective.

But in achieving this broad goal, man needs to find a way to achieve this goal. However one would find that most of us go through life with different goals or objectives in mind about what life is all about. This is drawn from the different schools of thought available on this subject matter.

Some believe that life is to be lived once and since death is a finality, life becomes a race of some sort and man is under constant struggle. We find that this group of people think and believe that life is about being born, growing up, attending school of some sort, graduating, getting a good job, have a family, enjoy the good life after amassing so much wealth, grow old and stash more money for unborn members of family, go to church in old age and eventually wait for death. Since man has about an average of 70 years to stay on earth which translates to about 37 million minutes, life for man is a constant struggle.

Then man is told that when he dies he will go to heaven and enjoy life.

The pertinent questions are:

‘What happens to those who were born and died after say 24 hours of life, what would be their purpose of life?’

‘If the Heaven of God is so sweet, how come a lot of us are reluctant to go there early through death and ‘enjoy’?’

‘What would be the will of God for this set of people?’ Ignorance is indeed blissful?

Another extreme case is those who believe that there is no God at all and that they are just existing and until they have any proof, they are not subject to any authority but their own. They live life as if they are in a haze. For this group, there is no objective to life. For them anything goes and they have decided that life has no meaning and as such they can do anything and get away with it. This group of people are living under the HU-man state of consciousness and operates at the level of the brute but unknowingly are under the control of the spiritual laws of life. Sometimes when they get into very difficult situations they cry ‘ God why have you forsaken me?.

What again is the will of God for this set of people?

In between these two groups are various beliefs about God and the will of God for man. For if man does not know his goal and objective in life how then can he decipher the will of God and the direction to follow in achieving this will?

Any man who believes in anything that he cannot substantiate is ignorant of the subject matter while a man who knows moves from the level of faith, to experience and later to the state of knowingness. For his personal experience on any subject matter is the proof. This is why it is written so many times in this column that any man that believes in God without personal experience does not know God. For the only way to know God is to experience God on a personal basis.

Evidence of those who do not know God is seen from those who quote from ‘Holy Books’ about the experience of others with God.

So if man does not know God how will he be able to know and understand the will of God in any situation?

This implies that knowing the will of God therefore begins with knowing God. But knowing God also begins with man knowing himself. For within man is that aspect of God known as Soul, a spark of God! In other words, man moving on the street and begging for a crust of bread is essentially a spiritual being without his knowledge.

How can man then know himself?

The easiest way for man to start realizing that he is of many parts is to start from his dreams. This is because any man irrespective of his religion dreams. So belonging to any religion is not required.  For when man is asleep and in the dream worlds, Soul is temporarily separated for the physical body and man finds limited freedom for a while. Man can then know that he can live without the physical body. This continues in varying degrees until man can distinctly know that man can exist in the dream world and still be in control of his physical body. He can then start recording his journeys into the dream worlds in a dream journal. Initially however, the dreams may sometimes come out disjointed. This should not bother the individual.

This is the first elementary step for man to know himself as Soul.

Then he can move to the second stage where he can have more clarity in his dreams by sending a signal to God that he is willing to know more about himself. This is why it is stated that the knowledge of God is for the bold and courageous while the ‘meek’ would continue to quote from ‘Holy Books’.

At this stage the individual can begin to sing the HU-the Holy and Sacred name for God. This is the name that demands a response from God when sung at any time either in joy or sorrow. But it must be sung with love. This is done just before bedtime.

Singing this HU (huueeee, in an outward breath with eyes closed for attention) will now enable the individual to make contact with the Audible Lifestream commonly called the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit will then begin to purify man of all his fears and dross’s of ignorance carried over millions of years of man existence under the ambit of Karma and reincarnation. During this period of purification, man would see his past lives and know the reason behind most of the things happening to him in his life. He would then have the opportunity of seeing himself as Soul. For when he sees the body of Glory, he would then know that the seed of the knowledge of God can be found within the body of the lowly worm. He can then see himself as the Holy Spirit individualized.

For he is a moving spiritual being! He is not a bag of flesh, bones and blood.

When the individual’s love for God is not in doubt, then man is given an opportunity to become a student of the Spiritual Coach where he can now learn how to master the spiritual forces in his life and eventually know and understand the will of God at all times.

Until this is done man will continue to go about life as a rudderless ship on the ocean without a captain and will be subject to the vicissitudes of life.

‘Man know thyself!’




By Tuborki Dauyemie

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