Is There Consciousness After Death?

The earthbound spirits are capable to possess, torture, afflict men on this earth especially when they are called or contact to do so. They can equally induce, or aid their mortal counterparts, when they meet their conditions through their earthly mediums. The real messengers of Yahweh doesn’t accept worship to themselves but this earthbound spirits are interested in human worships and adorations. Infact they love doing whatever that is against the will of Yahweh because that was what they learnt and practiced while on earth. The earthbound influences false religions and wars here on earth. Many conflicts or conditions that appears beyond the capacity of human to handle, if you properly watch spiritually into the occurrence the earthbounds are behind it. They were the spirits that Yahoshea Meshiyach casted out when he healed mad man during his earthily ministry. Many sicknesses that defile healings are back rolled by those evil spirits. Their most causalities are those faithful men who refuse or resist them. To such faithful, their businesses are grounded while those who agree with them smile openly because they flourish in their businesses. They possessed the evil men to pressurize the faithful ones in different forms. The earthbound spirits operate through images of jealousy and fake idol names or worship. They aid idolatry and adultery at high levels. Harlotry, prostitution are their works, they sometimes manifest like human to teach the sons of men of evil things like nudity, bestiality, homosexuality and lesbianism, pornography, masturbation, abortion, addiction, sex menaics etc and they pass through lusts. Many scientist consult them for inventions and sustenance of their works. The witches, wizards and vampires leant from them and equally represents the earthbound spirits here on earth. They rally around idol shrines and alters, icons, statues and demand for unholy rituals, and those men who cooperate with them are blessed with worldly wealths like money etc.

Since they failed, they want to drag all living humans into their level by aiding all forms of disobedience to Yahweh. Through dreams, one can encounter them, likewise if someone has conditioned his eyes spiritually; they are visible to the one. There are many leaves, herbs or precious stones or ornaments that can induce one to see the earthbound when applied. That’s why it is not proper for a believer to use incense, candles, perfumes. Some earthbound operate openly as pure humans in our cities and towns. To such level of the evil spirits there are ways to dictate them out as an earthbound spirit. Some will die and move to a further distance or town to operate as humans.

Then how are the earthbound sprits arranged? They are arranged in dimensions and sub-dimensions. For instance each of the first three dimensions has more than two million sub-dimensions each. This sub dimensions are where souls of similar character or karma are confinded. And most of the friendship, marriages, families and communities that exits on earth are arranged at the earthbound spirit world. Many associations, clubs, occult and cult groups, governments are pre-earthily arranged right from the spirit world. While some of the souls of the same dimension are there in the earthbound world, some other members will reincarnate on earth and the two groups operate as one force. So whatever that forms their interest will be carried out by their human members while their disembodied members will influence it to actualizations. The earthbound sub dimensions are arrange like kingdoms. These are the state that some of the devil exposers encounter and they return to deceive us that they saw Satan the devil and was even employed to work for him. If you are not properly conscious in spirit, you will believe that the assumed kings in the sub-dimension leadership are devil and demons but they are all ghost or earthbound spirits. So the exposers of Satan doesn’t know whom they met but they attributed it to Satan. Those leaders have limited time to remain or operate there and they will reincarnate to the earth. As they are behind the operations at idol shrines, and when they reincarnate the shrines becomes powerless.

Then how do the earthbound spirits operate here on earth? Their operations is aided by personal or communal karmas of people. While as spirits they are like catalysts, they cannot initiate actions but they can influence it, it works according to persons karma. Your karma decides the dimension or sub dimension that you will enter after your earth experience, it is the same karma that will decide your next persons to be, your family, community, ethnicity or race is decided by your karma. It is your record that will decide if you will be a whiteman or Blackman in your next rebirth. The earthbound don’t interfere into your affair but your works on earth influences or attracts the type of earthbound spirits or groups that will work with you. So the afflictions of earthbound spirits can descend on you only, if your karma demands such conditions. Even if someone send earthbound to another persons, it will operate if the receiver has such record to settle, if not it will go back to the sender.

You attract the earthbound through overzealous and inquisitive over material things. That will sharpen your thoughts towards evil means of achieving your ends, at this points, the earthbound will be of good help. Based on that fact, many cities, kingdoms, thrones are established with evil covenants or rituals with the earthbound spirits. Some families are affected because many times the father consulted the earthbound or their passed ancestors for one help or the other for such the earthbounds spirits are the sustenance of such covenant and any attempt to thwart the agreement spells doom to the city, kingdom or family. Many rivers, markets and public buildings like halls etc enjoy the covenant with earthbound spirits. Some communities move out to import foreign gods and goddesses to help them. Some wives when married move to their husband’s houses with their family deity for fear of affliction from the deity. So the cross-fertilization of the idols is responsible for the rampant availability of idols here and there. In the parable of Lazarus and the rich man, Yahoshea Meshiyach explained about the spiritual realm. While the rich man earned the earthbound spirit, Lazarus earned the fourth or higher dimension  the rich man through his works on earth was subjected to torture and suffering in the spirit world while Lazarus earned a better world. Due to the karmic records of the two men, Lazarus could not help the rich man who sees Lazarus through a transparent or glassy object that separate the two dimensions. Abraham bossom is the abode of a conditioned soul. Your karma will decide where you enter after your world. That parable is a clear demonstration that the dead ones are conscious somewhere and even make interactions.

Meshiyach  Yahzitere Yahmarabhi

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