Out of Body Experiences

Every human being that goes to sleep at any time either in the day or in the night has had an out of body experience. But generally most of us are not aware of this phenomenon. Most of us would conclude that the only reason for sleep is to rest the Hu-man body. This is partly true. But the main reason man goes to sleep every night is for man to have the opportunity to go out of the body to explore the heavenly worlds of God.
Man is essentially a spiritual being. But the HU-man body he wears shields his true nature. Thus the man walking on the street believes and regards himself as of flesh and blood. In other words, man sees himself and fellow beings as human and living without any knowledge of his spiritual nature. His religion has not made things better for him. This is because the pseudo ‘men of God’ who do not know any better also tell him that he lives only one life and after that he goes to the heavens of God for eternity to ‘enjoy forever and ever’. This is an absolute fallacy that puts man on the wrong turn and he moves around life in a dazed manner wondering why he would spend 70 years on earth then spend eternity in heaven forever and ever.
This is a case of the blind leading the blind.
Every sage that has walked this earth has often told man that the first injunction for man is for man to know himself. For if man resolves the riddle of the self, then he would have succeeded in resolving the riddle of the whole universes of God. As far back as the 15th Century, individuals like Galileo and Aristotle attempted to draw the attention of man to some basic truths but men of those days refused to listen. They were busy with little items of survival like how to obtain three square meals a day.
About 500 years later, the man of today is still grappling with the mundane things of life. The life of man has been limited to being born, going to school to learn a skill, look and get a job, live in luxury, get married and rear children, wait at old age to die and go to heaven. What a simplistic life!
But man in his ‘infinite wisdom’ from limited religious scriptures has not been able to ask these pertinent questions about life;
‘If life is only lived once, how come some little children live for only twenty-four hours and then die? What manner of life? Where do they go to after death, heaven or hell? What would be the purpose of such life?’
‘If God is perfect or beyond perfection why would God create imperfect beings? Why would some of us His creatures be created crippled and others so beautiful? What would be the purpose of creating some humans who crawl with their chest on the ground? Why would God want them to suffer so much?’
‘If God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, that is, all knowing, all powerful and all present, doest it mean that God would also be present in hell fire that is created for the purpose of ‘punishing’ erring humans?’
‘If man cannot cast his own child into hellfire for any crime why would a God of Love cast His own creations into hellfire forever and ever without an option of fine?
‘ Why would man dream of an activity that would take a long time in the dream worlds, sometimes days and would wake up within ten minutes of earth time?’ What is responsible for the time difference?’

‘Why would one man work so hard and gain little while another works with little effort and gains so much?’
‘Why would a man have a ”near death experience” and yet be told to return to earth? What body did man use to access the heaven where he was turned back?’
‘It is generally believed that when man dies, he would go to heaven. But what body would man use in accessing heaven when he dies and his physical body rots away?’
If your religion cannot answer these simple but mysterious questions about life, then the individual concerned is living a false life and would be perpetually controlled by forces beyond his religion. These forces would bind the individual lifetime after lifetimes for millions of years until he calls on God Almighty to open his consciousness to the divine wisdom of God. Not until man realizes that he is spiritual and that he is created in the image and likeness of God before man can see his true spiritual nature.
This is what this article intends to address; the spiritual composition of man.
Looking at man from the outside with our physical equipment called eyes, what one would see and observe his the physical body of man which is made from the biological composition of matter which is majorly hydrogen and oxygen which usually decomposes after death of the physical body. But the pertinent question is ‘What gives the HU-man body life?’
As it has been established in the study of elementary Physics, ‘A body continues to remain at rest until an external force propels it to move’. This was Newton’s first law of motion. So if man’s body is at rest at night, what make’s the body to move when man is said to be awake?
At the core of the Human body is soul, created in the image and likeness of God. This image and likeness of God is not of blood, bones and flesh but of the Light and Sound of God. But for Soul to experience life in the lower heavens, soul would have to be protected by spiritual bodies that would protect soul from the gross material worlds. And thus, soul is enfolded with five different bodies that would enable it partake the in the lower material plane. The level of materiality in each heaven is inversely proportional to the ‘quantity’ of spirit in that plane or heaven. So at the physical plane which is the outermost, the level of materiality is very high. This is why the sources of God energy at the physical plane is Soul Itself if only Soul in HU-man form can realize his true spiritual identity.
When Soul has been trained under the Living Word It comes to know Its true identity as an eternal child of God, deathless and forever living since it was never born. Anything that has a beginning must have and end. Thus the HU-man body is born and dies completing the physical cycle but this does not mean that the wearer of such dead body is dead. This is why we see our dead relatives in dreams talking to us and giving us information we could not have obtained from anywhere else.
Soul never dies but lives forever. Likewise God never dies because God is. There is no word to qualify the existence of God because once it is qualified it becomes limited.
As soul, all the attributes of God are replicated. These are omnipotence, omniscient and omnipresence. These attributes are however in the potent form only. But for these attributes to be ‘kinetic’ in nature Soul must put them to practice. Where would Soul practice being a Co-worker with God if not in a school. One of the numerous spiritual schools is our mother earth where we wear the HU-man body to come and learn about these attributes of God. At the end of this training program, Soul is left with only the Divine attribute of Love and Love alone. Then It is ready to serve in the pure spiritual heavens of God.
This is the Spiritual Destiny of all Souls.
So within the body of the lowly worm, ant, gorilla, elephant and man lays the secret of God known as Soul. For Soul exist as an individualized Holy Spirit. So there is no difference between Holy Spirit and Soul. So when man has been trained to that point when he steps out of the body in full glory and beholds Itself, he can proclaim ‘I and my Father are One!’
If an individual has not been able to make this proclamation, then he is still in the spiritual kindergarten of life.

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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