Who Leads The Negroe’s Renaissance?

To answer this questions straightly, blacks are children of Ham who is one of the sons of Noah of old. Wretched preachers claim that Noah cursed Ham that he must remain the chief servant to his two other brothers or races. But who is a servant? Let us answer it by the word of Yahweh through Yahoshea Meshiyach as was recorded in the book of Yahweh as thus: “it shall not be so among you, but whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever must be first among you must be your slave, even as the son of man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” this sacred writing is enough to explain the position of the black race in the midst of other races. The black race is bestowed with the highest of all gifts in this universe. While the Semitics are blessed with material glory, the Orientals are blessed with the talent of craftiness and the Negros are blessed with the talent of spiritualism.
The blackrace recently has passed through the most violent, brutal and dehumanization in the global history, the salve trade, colonialism and Neo colonialism has reduced the blacks to a mere weaker and lesser race in the world. We cannot discover ourselves unless we discover Yahweh because man is a mere spark of Yahweh. Lets us borrow from the words of Krishnapada “When man turn away from Yahweh and faces material things, he faces his doom, what matters today is not the rehabilitation of our social or political infrastructures, but the rehabilitation of man, it is only when man is properly recreated that he can respond to any world order”.
Then how does it apply in our African quest for self-discovery? The race conflict amongs the Blackmen is not essentially an economic one, but rather a struggle for the blackmen’s right to possess a soul. Since the ancient Egypt, Greek, Rome, Hebrew etc made advancements in life through the efforts of their illustrious sons who they saw as their soul as peoples, the black world should search within for its own soul.
Presently these three bold and illustrious sons of blackworld who profess to be the manifestations of divine wisdom or knowledge being, Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi Ha Meshiyach, leader Olumba Olumba Obu and Sat Guru Maharaji. These men have successfully planted in the subconscious mind of the faithfuls that a Blackman can be divinely appointed to the post of a prophet, comforter, perfect living master or supernatural teachers and this bold claim counteracts the preachings of white imitators that Africans are under the worst spiritual bounds and bars.
All major religious sects are founded by men and supported by their races. The church is a construction of the Romans, the Judaism is the construction of the Hebrews while Muslims is the construction of the Arabs. And all this religious groups supported their governments even when the governments are derailing. For instance, the church was there when the slave trade was flourishing in Europe. The Muslims were equally there as the triangular trade which consists of slave trade was going on. The Judaism were not powerful enough to support the black enslavement by them but they later supported South African Apartheid rule. Therefore all this great religious groups were not favourable to blackrace. He who enslave us cannot save us. They were part of the captive or merchant vessels who crippled Africa of our heritage through their nefarious slave market.
The governments and their supportive religious sect jointly carried out this worst crime against humanity ever recorded in history (slave trade). And a bold spokesman known as Richard Ingersol puts it this way “All the alters and thrones united to arrest the forward move of human race, the king said that mankind must not work for themselves, the priest say that mankind must not think for themselves, one forged chains for the hands and the other for the soul”.
Therefore for blackrace to totally be free from the shackles of slavery and Neo slavery, a prophet in the manner of Moses and Yahoshea Meshiyach must arise within them as a redemption vessel to release blacks from slave mentality. And this redeemer will not only salvage the blacks but the entire human race who have been blindfolded by spiritual impositors and alarmists. Until such time, we still remain internally bound no mater our independence.
And all major religious groups are waiting for their last leader. The Christians awaits the Christ, the Hindu awaits the Kalki Avatara, the Buddhists awaits the Maitriya Buddha, the Zoroasterians awaits the Saoshyant, the Muslims await the Mahdi, the Jews awaits the Meshiyach, the Hopis awaits the Kukulcan etc. The vadic literature bears this way “The efforts of erudite scholars and the speculations of philosophers cannot aid us to know Yahweh, but Yahweh appears on his own accord. Yahweh remains unknown until when he appears through his devotional servants or representatives” therefore we cannot know or reach Yahweh unless through his bonafide representatives. Then will Yahweh ignore the black race forever by not visiting them as he has done to the other races? No, Yahweh’s affection is not based on colour or race as Paracelsus believed. According to him, there is oneness of men and the universe and that everyman has access to inspiration and direct knowledge or wisdom from Yahweh. So if such is accepted, the Blackmen must look into the works of Prophet Yahmarabhi, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu and Sat Guru Maharaji for their boldness and courage to defeat the spell that blackmen are mere cursed persons. When people refuse to acknowledge their mascort set for them, they live a wasted life. These three blacksons are not of the same knowledge, although they have their agreements and disagreement, them and their faithfuls have realized that all are equal before Yahweh no matter your race. These can be understood by the manner of the faithfuls of these three black teachers.
Their disciples equally follow the path laid by their masters for instance, let us look at the pronouncements of their disciples. In one occasion, one disciple of Prophet Yahmarabhi by name Chosen Meshiyach Yahkoro Yah preached to his fellow members in this manner “Yahweh has shown his love and impartiality for the blackrace by sending the promised comforter Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi through the tribe of Ham which is the tribe of blackrace”.
Again in the Brotherhood Newspaper publication called the “TRUMPET” of February 19th 2008, a fellower of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu by name Ifiok Ekah wrote under the title “Christianity and Africa’s Exploration” said “the world has every reason to rejoice for the comforter, the holy spirit of truth, has come in person in black skin, and is accomplishing what no one has ever been able to do since the foundation of the world.

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