Does Yahweh Approve Religious Wars?

Over these ages, humanity has treasured religiousity and holds paganism or Atheism as act of abomination. In those years, humans have heard from their religious leaders and responded positively to their calls or requests.
According to one religious encyclopedia, there are more than 10, 000 religious organisations worldwide, some of which span the globe and have millions of faithfuls.
Estimate suggest that 70 percent of mankind belong to five major religions being Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.
But the most perplexing situation is that amongst these myriad of religious communities, each of them profess to posses the septer of truth and therefore is the only authentic approved path to reach Yahweh. So the efforts put forth by each of these religions to exert influence or control over other noticeable religions give birth to religious conflicts or wars.
All religious teach of love and peace, they jointly preach of an eternity where war will be incomprehensible and repulsive, a world where even a word for war will not exist because war will be unknown.
Truly, the world with true knowledge of Yahweh must not know war as the original scriptures reveal that mortals will have to beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nations will not lift up sword against nations, neither will they learn war anymore.
Presently there is record of two million soldiers an active duty globally and some 20 deadly wars currently raging with most of them having religious undertone.
Even those wars that have political or economic motives are still prosecuted and executed by religious men.
Then our question and topic today is “Do Yahweh Approve Religious Wars? The question is necessary because most major religions circulated by what they term as holy wars.
Observers have concluded that the major religions indeed do share some basic tenets or doctrines within the realm of human relationship. Most of them are in favour or not to murder or kill, not to steal, to respect parents but they all differs in their portrayal of Yahweh.
For instance, Hindus worship a multitude of deities, Buddhist are unsure of a personal creator. Christianity worship Triune gods (Trinity), Islam claims to worship one deity but in reality allows usage of various names in various languages for the only creator. They equally believe that Yahweh has ninety-nine names. Judaism believes in one Yahweh but goes ahead to change the name to other forms as Elohim, Adonia and Hashem.
Even within those religious groups, there are divisive lines of thoughts that ginger cruelty, hatred and wars. For example amongst churchianity, there is a wide range of doctrines. Mary is the object of devotion amongst Roman Catholic but not for Protestants.
Birth control and female pastors are generally prohibited amongst Catholics but not for protestants. Likewise protestants cannot agree among themselves on subjects as homosexuality.
It is therefore logical to conclude that religions that embrace such wide range of conflicting thoughts can be caught up in the claws of religious warfare. Our question is whether Yahweh approves those conflicts.
The answer is capital No. Why? Because right from the beginning, Yahweh gave law that mortals should not kill their fellow human beings.
As Yahweh was re-establishing convenant with Moses, he emphatically registered his unapproval to wars by the law “Thou shall not kill or commit murder”.
As omniscience creator, Yahweh was aware that mankind will develop arrays of religions with conflicting thoughts.
On no account did Yahweh approve wars that will destroy human lives. It means that there is no justification for any form or manner of killing of human being by another.
When Yahoshea Meshiyach came to earth, he taught the men of his age to love their fellow mortals more than oneself. He demonstrated that law by being non-violent in his approach to religious issues. Neither did he raised warriors (Soldiers) with physical weapons to destroy his opponents or unbelievers, rather he raised disciples who he inculcated the approach of non-violent.
At his greatest moment of trial by the men on earthily authority, he maintained his poise as a non-violent teacher. Instead of fighting back, he prayed that Yahweh should forgive those that prosecuted and hanged him to torture stake that remains the standard for true believers.
His disciples followed the path laid by him. The record bore that instead of them raising weapons against unbelievers, they were tortured and killed by unbelievers. Their interest was solely on propagation of sacred glad tidings they received from their master.
The account rendered that when Peter, the Chief disciple raise his sword and cut off the ear of one of the Roman soldiers, Yahoshea rebuked him and took the ear and restored it to its owner.
The church claims to follow a man of such life but what do they practice today? War, war and war everywhere. They hold it atrocious to kill fellow humans, therefore war is in their eyes incomprehensive and repulsive, a thing for which in their language has no word. That is the means the earthlings have decided to concert unbelievers rather than preaching the word as Yahoshea Meshiyach and his disciples did.
History indicates that religion instead of unifying mankind is a source of division and strive. For example, from 11th to 13th century, Christian nations went to war with Muslim powers in series of crusades. In 17th century Europe, Catholics and Protestants locked horn in the thirty years war.
In 1847, the Indian sub continent was torn apart by conflicts between Hindus and Muslims. Recently Catholic and Protestants spent years in conflict in Northern Ireland. In Middle East, Jews and Muslims find no peace with one another.
A sane man will love to know, why all these senseless killings by religious fanatics. Such acts of abomination has no support from Yahweh or his agents rather they are true demonstration that these religions are used to settle political and economic scores.
These religions cannot bring about peace because they are aimed at territorial conquesting and domineering.
One basic cause of those senseless killings is because each of the religious communities sees itself as representing the true path of Yahweh therefore other ones are set out as opposition to Yahweh and them.

Meshiyach Yahzitere Yahmarabhi

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