Who Are Heroes Of The Earth?

There are equally noble characters whose sincere efforts to serve humanity are chocked by world imperfect standards they intend to pass through to prove themselves. Such actors are either holed by ignorance of the negativeness of the system they adapt or due to lack of leverage to contest or resist the system and to cart forth new ways that will suit their good works.

For working tirelessly under the vessel of ignorance, such people and their good intentions are geared towards depletion and degradation to empty machines serving only illusive nature (darkness) far away from reality (light) which they aim at.

Illusion is very tricky, it can pose as absolute truth, seem reasonable and reassuring yet leads one unfailing amiss. Since anything that does not stand on sound footing will certainly collapse, the efforts of those sincere men that serves under worldliness are adequately seen in right perceptions as going downward when taught they are at top of hills of life.

Due to influence of pervading ignorance upon humanity, majority of worldly celebrities are in true fact the grand enemies of humanity whose evil works will be unveiled when the eternal spiritual light of Yahweh will subdue the ignorance or illusions of human creations.

This must certainly come to pass because a man who is inwardly bound is certainly a slave even if he is a king.

Our question is who are heroes of the earth? As we run the race of life, who will merit the eternal crown of life? Who are real actors and who are the villains? Who merits worldly ovations and who are expected to be rejected or scoff at? This questions are too necessary because accurate answers will help up to settle and divide the goat from the sheep fold, to separate the heroes amongst the villains.

One of the fields that produce celebrities are the scholarly class. The fields of scholarly disciplines have produced too many celebrated people who are adorn in history. The ideas conceived by those scholars are ruling forces or wheels of present day life.

The scholarly classes were responsible for changes that were effected in the Holy Scriptures as well as doctrines of the churches and other internationally spread religious groups. They polished many pagan traditions and relabeled them as works of Yahweh and His Elects.  And through their pretentious ego, those unworthy apparels were fed to entire humanity who swallow them without doubts or fears.  With full courage, the general masses observed such misguided thesis without knowing their origin and consequences.

Let us study one of such numerous scholarly inputs that are injurious although  being observed by many nations and their social revolutionists in modern age. Today, people all over the world observe MAY DAY without knowledge of its origin.  When May Day is mentioned, what comes into peoples mind is about “work day off”, “parades”, “demonstrations”, maypole dancing and so no.

Without minding the views of many people on May Day, the root of the observation is inter-connected.

The origin of May Day celebration is traced to ancient Roman observation of festival of Floralia a feast named in honour of Flora which is the goddess of springtime and flowers.

The ancient Romans observe the festival on the first day of the month of May and celebrated with singing, dancing and flower decked parades

Legend holds that Romans prostitutes especially enjoy the festival because they consider Flora as their patron goddess.

Roman Empire took the festival along all its colonies.  However, when Romans empire conquered Celtic nations, they discovered that the first day of May was already celebrated there as the festival of Celtic or Beltane.

By Celtic culture, the proceeding evening of the May day commences the festival with all people extinguishing all fires for the night and when the sun rose, people lit bonfires on hill tops or under sacred trees to welcome summer time and the renewal of life.

Cattle were put out to pasture and gods were invoked for their protection.

The festival of Floralia became entwined with Beltane and became the festival of MAY DAY.

Equally, German and Scandinavian peoples celebrate Walpurgis which was equivalent to Beltane and Floralia.  Walpurgis night commences the festival with lighting of bonfires to drive away witches and evil spirits and other European nations had their various variations of ancient May Day custom and tradition.

During middle ages, the May Day customs were renewed and made a favorite holiday in England.

By the customary myths, men and women spent the night in the local woods gathering flower to bring in the May at sun rise.

This culture gave rise to immorality. In this May Day, a tree is set up as a Maypole in the centre of the village and it become a centre of day long dancing and games.

The people will hence choose a May Queen and a May King to preside the festivities.

The Encyclopedia Britannia explained of the significance of the festival as follows  “originally, such rites were intended to ensure fertility to the crops, and by extension to the cattle and human beings, but in most cases, this significant was gradually lost, and the festival survived merely as popular festivities.

However, the folklorists have discovered May Day’s distant past and trace it to pagan root.

At present age, May Day is gradually declining its celebration of traditional ways or rites but the modern scholars have adopted the day and its festival celebration into what is identified as workers day.

How did it transform into a widely acclaimed labour day?  The industrial revolution brought about new machine that operate continuously which the factory owners expects their employees to work up to 16 hours daily except Sundays.

In effort to improve the lifes of employees, the federation of trade and labour unions in United states of America and Canada called for an eight hour work day starting from May 1, 1886.

The employers refused to grant this proposal and such prompted a workers strike on that first day of May which brought about first martyrs to the labour movement.

In 1889, a conquest of world socialist parties met on Paris and passed a resolution that May 1, would be an annual day celebration of international demonstrations in favour of an eight hour working day. An occasion that will be used to raise workers demands for better working conditions.



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