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Niger Delta Warns Boko Haram, Says Jonathan Can’t Convert to Islam

Nigeria’s President, Goodluck Jonathan, will never convert to Islam, a Niger Delta group, Niger Delta Indigenous Movement for Radical Change (NDIMRC) has said. They claimed in Warri, the oil and gas hub of Delta State in Southern Nigeria, that part of the attacks of Boko Haram, a politically engineered Islamic terrorist network, is to stampede President Jonathan into converting to Islam.
The group has accordingly vowed to continue their support for the embattled Nigerian president, insisting that Jonathan will neither convert to Islam nor quit his position as allegedly demanded by the terrorists.
Leaders of the NDIMRC -Nelly Emma, John Sailor and Mukoro Stanley told AkanimoReports after their meeting on Tuesday, that the alleged demand by Boko Haram that Jonathan should convert to Islam or resign, ”is a cheap blackmail that must be ignored by the good people of Nigeria”.
”President Jonathan has the mandate of Nigerians to lead this country, and he will not succumb to any blackmail. He cannot be intimidated, and we will not allow him to be. He will not resign because he is the custodian of a mandate given by him by Christians and Muslims alike”.
Continuing, they said, ”by this politically sponsored act of terrorism, the North has shown that they should not be trusted by the peoples of the Niger Delta who have been their natural ally over the years. And for those behind the wave of insecurity in the country, they should not forget that no religion or political bloc has the monopoly to acts of terror.
”If President Jonathan chooses not to seek a second term in 2015, we certainly know the Northern presidential aspirants our people will not support. Let it also be made known that we will not fold our hands and watch them mess up our son.
”We will fight back, and ground the country’s economy if harm is done to Jonathan. We have kept quiet all these while hoping that the kite will be able to read meaning into the silence of the mother owl. What the current situation in the country requires is for all to join hands with government to move the nation forward”.

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