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I Face More Attacks From Pastors Than Native Doctors – Apostle Chinyere

The General Overseer, Omega Power Ministries, Popularly known as OPM, Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere, has stated that he faces more attacks from his fellow pastors than native doctors.
Apostle Chinyere made the startling revelation on Friday, October 12, 2012, at his residence, while chatting with the Publisher of National Network, Pastor Jerry Needam and his staff.
The publisher had visited the Man of God in appreciation of his humanitarian services to society.
Speaking further, Apostle Chinyere said he never bothered being controversial, as in his words, “To make an impact in this controversial world, in a controversial nation, a controversial state, you must be controversial.”
His being controversial, he stated, stemmed from his conviction to stand for the truth and the right thing.
“Why you have created a niche is because you stand for the right things,” he told Needam, adding, “once you stand for the truth, once you stand for the right thing, you will have trouble.”
He went further to state, “But the truth is that whether they like it or not, you will be progressing.”
He said many people have turned churches into business centres, “where they commit so much fraud and enrich themselves. They have trailer load of bank accounts while their members wallow in poverty.”
Apostle Chinyere maintained that at the last day, God would not judge you based on your fat bank accounts, but how far you have impacted on people.
He wondered why offerings taken from the poor and the rich by pastors, would be used to establish schools that bar the poor and lets in only the rich, regarding it as the height of wickedness.
“On Sunday, the woman selling pepper brings her offering and drops it in the offering box. The bank manager brings his offering and drops it and I gather it and use it to build expensive school that only the bank manager’s children can attend because the fee is N500,000. It is the height of wickedness,” the out-spoken Apostle, fumed.
He narrated several of his philanthropics deeds which included houses for widows and the poor, free accommodation at his estates for those who cannot afford it, houses for pastors, relief materials for the flood affected victims and several other good deeds.
He concluded by saying that despite the fact that many of his pastors live in their own houses, he is still residing in a rented apartment.
Speaking on behalf of National Network, the General Manager and Editor-in-Chief, Chris Konkwo, said they have long been monitoring the great philanthropic deeds of the Apostle and decided to meet him one on one to encourage him and also honour him for his services to humanity.
Konkwo said the works of his newspaper are complementary to the good deeds of the Apostle.
“What we do is to complement what you do on the pulpit, to make the world a better place” Konkwo stated, adding that it was their habit to honour those that have done well.
Part of the speech presented to the Man of God, read: “We are professional Journalists committed to ensuring that our society, Nigeria in particular is not left out of the wind of moral regeneration and transformation blowing across the globe aimed at reconciling ourselves, our society and the people to God through accurate information, education and mobilization.
“For this reason too, we are seen and addressed as the watchdog of the society. Your worship, this is exactly what we are but we also do more than monitoring, criticizing and exposing any wrongdoings and behaviours that conflict with societal and ethical values like corruption, fraud in high places, inhuman acts like the murder of unsuspecting innocent citizens of our country, Nigeria.
“A typical example is the recent gruesome murder of over 46 undergraduates of three tertiary institutions in Adamawa State and the barbaric killing of four students of the University of Port Harcourt here in Rivers State. We also stand against other acts like terrorism, fanaticism, robbery, kidnapping, licentiousness, injustice and stealing by false pretences even in our churches today to complement the job you do on the pulpit -preaching the word.”
Continuing, Konkwo added, “Sir, we have been following your antecedents, philanthropic gestures and selfless service to humanity within and outside the state.
“And we are very much touched and wish you all the blessings of God, the grace and strength you deserve for all this and for greater service to humanity.
“This is basically why we are here as a prominent chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Rivers State Council to seek your consent to receive from us a token of our appreciation, an Award of Honour cueing in on your forthcoming Birthday Celebration and OPM’s Anniversary proposed to hold on October 28, 2012, for this great Honour.”
Omega Power Ministries, established six years ago, has over 300,000 members and over 70 branches all over the globe.
Jerry Needam, the publisher, expressed his appreciation to the Man of God for receiving the team and accepting the award.
He assured him that his newspaper would always speak out in favour of the masses and stand by the truth.####

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