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Flood Victims Battle Reptiles After Flood

Report reaching our news desk indicate that flood victims of Ahoada and parts of the flood-affected areas are now facing another trouble as reptiles, snakes and crocodiles have taken over their homes. According to the report the situation is cumbersome, as having access to their building becomes a battle of life.
The Newswriter gathered that in Ahoada town in particular, a certain Chief, whose house was also submerged by the flood, could not have access to his house after the flood had receded. As he made his way to enter his house, there was this big python seated on his parlour comfortably, facing the main entrance.
As if that was not enough, other reptiles like crocodiles were seen in their numbers as the new landlords of his house. The situation calls for special attention as some of the victims do not have a place to call their own.
Others, who were unlucky, came after the flood had receded to meet their houses collapsed.
Some who are lucky to have access to heir house met with the sad reality of having the properties they gathered over the years destroyed, taking them to square zero as to start life all over again
The Newswriter investigation revealed that for the affected flood victims would find life interesting again, they will need the aid of government, humanitarian organizations and individuals as their houses are no more while others have lost their properties to the flood, hence making life more difficult.###

Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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