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Chairman Dragged to Police over Community Money

The chairman of Ibimima Polo community in Sekeni-Ama Bille, W/S Port Harcourt, Mr. Gospel Nyegini has been dragged to the police for assaulting his secretary over control of community fund.
According to eye witness in the said community, the chairman authoritatively gathered the community youths working at the designated community revenue areas to his house and ordered them to pay all monies collected from revenue to him without calling for an executive meeting. Meanwhile secretary of the community, Comr. Alakpakabia Tobin, who was not pleased with such development, appealed to the chairman to withdraw his decision on the ground that the decision will bring about of accountability as elected officers of the community, adding that the reputation of the elected officers is paramount than the personal gain of the chairman. This disagreement led to open confrontation between the chairman and his secretary.
According to the secretary, “the chairman has already honoured five major areas of the community revenue to himself namely, the big boat battling, the bread selling trucks of monthly payment, Bonny jetty of weekly payment, the cubic dumping payment and ticketing with the name of ministry at the community commercial areas as his personal take home.
“And as if all these was not enough, he then mandated the remaining three areas of the revenue meant for the community development fund to be paid to him directly”.
The secretary continued: “even in a philanthropic organization or friends circles where we find ourselves, where does a president of a club become the treasurer of the club? Therefore it is improper by the tenets of leadership for a community chairman to make himself a treasurer of the community”.
Meanwhile, the elected treasurer of the community, Mr. Tenason Orupabo has been defunct by the chairman over three years, appealing to the chairman to give him his right of office since he was also elected as other principal officers of the community.
This disagreement between the chairman, Mr. Gospel N. and Comr. A. Tobin has led to assault on the secretary for opposing the chairman’s decision to be in possession of the community fund.
However, Comr. Alakpabia Tobin has petition the assault mented on him by Mr. Gospel Nyirihi and his cohorts to the commissioner of police, Rivers State and the case has been directed to the area command Port Harcourt to invite the chairman and his gang to explain the rational behind his conduct.
In the same vein, Comr. Alakabia T. is calling on all community chairmen in the Port Harcourt Aborigime and other well meaning Nigerians ascertain the conduct of the chairman if his secretary is fighting a wrong course. ###

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