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Super Eagles Beat Ivory Coast 2-1 To Eye Trophy

The Super Eagles of Nigeria has finally found their rhythm as they beat their West African soccer rival neighbours 2-1 on Sunday, 3rd of Feb, 2013.
It has not been easy anytime Nigeria is confronting Ivory Coast in any soccer battle, but just when Nigerians have almost lost confidence in the Keshi tutored Eagles, from the blues, the much determined power play known of the traditional sport of the Nigeria National soccer team obtain a good result for Nigerians.
For the first time in the tournament, Keshi assembled these players, to play with one spirit as every player in the squad lived up to expectation. From the defence line up to the attack was fantastic.
Mikel Obi, played out his soul for Nigeria for a game tagged final before the finals. Though tactically Nigeria sounded convincing, somehow because of the confidence and determination they all employed in the Ivory Coast/Nigeria Match, much is still expected of the boys if Nigeria will lift the trophy.
Like the second goal that Sunday Mba of Enugu Rangers scored, the midfielders and attackers should take their chances as they come to them, they should not depend on fast breaks alone.
To say the least, the Nigeria squad moved close to maintain little of timing, positioning, reading and follow up method which further compounded the Ivorian squad’s problems.
For the first time, the Nigeria Super Eagles has a mobile Midfield and attack ready to bite from afar.
Emenike should be more purposeful to play with his teammate upfront. Keshi should at this stage of the competition read more of match plans of his opponents and destabilize them from the midfield like what he did in the Ivory Coast match against Nigeria. The players are hungry for fame, they are so determined from what they have shown Nigerians.
Again, the team that defeated Ivory Coast should be maintained with different match plan and formation, while advising the players to take their goal scoring chances as they come their many from the midfield to the attack. ###

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