Goodbye Publisher

Dedicated To Late Kenneth Amabipi

The Publisher of The Newswriter


Goodbye our dear publisher

As the thunder roll by

When you ride in your bliss

Beckoning the melodious of

Babies in heaven chariot

Even the happy moments

We shared on earth

All these certainly will pass away


As we say farewell to you

Our hearts will forever tarry

For those moments of love

Care and understanding we shared

All these certainly will also pass away


As night gives way to the day

You have careful bow out

Leaving the stage for others

Your wide memories of achievements

Only this I know will not pass away


But all material possession

Glorious moments cherished

Earth gains gathered

All these will whisk away

Till the end of time established

All form of happiness will say goodbye

Even as we find it difficult to say

Goodbye to your peaceful soul

All these will remind us all

In the beauty of your glory

All these will fade away


As life on earth continues

The beginning and the end

Surely will stand the test of time

Even these will fade away


As the bird perch from tree to tree

Expecting the good hour

When the rain and the sun

Unite for the happiness of man

The purpose of time fulfilled

The sea claps its hands

In blissful memories of you

Time will accord you regard

Your boys and girls mentored

Serenades in your memories

Everybody could not stay forever

Even as The Newswriter grows

Your memories will linger

In the minds of those that care

Time and season will see you through

In your new abode as you journey

May you find peace and love

In the spirit realm as peacemaker

Time and season never will forget

But all things must pass away


In the ethereal of love

You live now and forever

Your soul never fails

The beauty of time infinite

But all position you held

While here on earth

All these you have laid

Goodbye, yes Goodbye

Even as I write

Your presence I fell

Now and then in the office but your goodness will stay

Here in the hearts of those

Who loves you

Even earthy smiles fade away

The good days we shared

Will not say goodbye

I refused to let go

Those words of advice

You told me, will not fail

Man on earth will fail

But my thought will stick

To your good virtues of life

Oga Kenneth even life fails

Let the good memories of

The Newswriter gladdens you

Dear publisher I know

Nothing on earth last

Shinning colours, like night and day

Like the stars in the night

Like the sun in the daytime

All these fade away

But as we interred you

May the good will we have

Never fade away like the stars

Goodbye oga Kenneth Amabipi

Sleep to slumber no more.


By Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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