HAYM Celebrates 2013 New Year

The Holy Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach worldwide celebrated the Grand Creator New Year day on the 31st March, 2013.

Here in Port Harcourt, the temporary headquarters of the religion organization, it was celebrated at No. 4 Elechi Beach behind the UBE School Board, Mile One Elechi.

Speaking to The Newswriter shortly after the celebration and worship service, the preacher and scribe of the organization, chosen Raziah Bala, disclosed that it should not surprise the world that his organization is celebrating the new year on 31st against the popular Christians new year celebrated on 1st of January each year, according to him, the actual new year celebration is 31st of March each year, pointing out that Yahweh the Grand Creator created every month equal, meaning the Holy Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach is following the solar calendar hence every 31st of March is counted in the solar calendar as Abib 1st (April 1st) Exo. 12:1:2.

Revealing why the Christian fold is not celebrating the solar calendar of Yahweh New Year day is because, those in authority deceived the church and every other persons that believe in them follow suit, and when the church fell and brought in tradition, and customs, everybody followed ignorantly.

The man of Yahweh stressed that there are many spiritual benefits in doing the right thing Yahweh authorized men to do, adding that Yahweh created His son, Yahshem and ordered Him to creates the universe with the spoken word starting on the Abib 1st, this was revealed to the most senior prophet and was pointed out still in the beginning of months for mankind.

He noted that those who see the scripture but could not practice or observe the 1st of Abib as the creator’s day of creating the world are attracting sickness and sorrow to themselves, because they are constantly lying against their creator every January 1st.

Chosen Bala hinted that he is not surprised that the world is afflicted with sorrow and different types of sickness because of changing Yahweh format of creation, by changing days and months to make Him Yahweh a liar even as the Bible warned categorically, saying that the disobedient worshipper should not blame the Yahoshean family for obeying Yahweh for doing the right thing. Yahweh order mankind to obey and observe every Abib 1st as the New Year to be celebrated by everybody as the day he started creation.

The soft spoken clergy thanked Yahweh for bringing the comforter in the person of the most senior prophet Yahmarabhi-Ha-comforter to save them from lying against their creator.

He prayed Yahweh also to open the eyes and hearts of many to see and know the salvation giving message in their Bible “Man could do well to live on earth forever if only man could say the truth and obey Yahweh by observing His appointed major laws He has given to man. Namely love your fellow human being more than yourself, worship Him (Yahweh) with His personal sacred name (Yahweh) and worshipping Him on the Sabbath day by keeping the Sabbath day holy each week of the month. ###


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