Is Death Really The End?


Again, a molecular biologist James Wattson, the co-discoverer of the physical structure of DNA declares that “The brain is the most complex thing we have yet discovered in this universe.

A book by a neuroscientist Edelman explained the enormity of human brain potentiality as such:- A section of the brain of the size of a match head contains about a billion connections that can combine in ways which can only be described as hyper astronomical  on the order of ten followed by millions of zeros”.

All these scientific thesis surrounds on physical body of a human person. Likewise all their discoveries ends on mortality and have no explanation to what happens after death.

But the concept and belief of spiritual scientist and their accurate scriptures are entirely opposite to the views of physical scientists on issues of eternity.

Any portion of any religious scripture that boldly holds that man is unconscious after death is entirely inappropriate to guide a spiritual conscious person on issues of immortality and eternity.

The subject of immortality of human soul received more positive treatment by orient religions. The book of Hare Krishna consciousness, Bravagad Gita practically affirm that never a time man was not, never a time man will not be simply because man is an image of Yahweh.

This is the philosophy of true original scriptures which was pervated to become bible book of Ecclesiastic. Man is deathless, formation, reformation and deformation of humans are based on their mortal state.

As a dual personality, mortal self (physical body) passes through dehumanization while its immortal self remains deathless and untouched by death or any form of obstacles. That state is the true human while the bodily self is mere garment or housing for the soul proper.

As a person sleeps and wakes, so do soul sleeps as what we term as death and wakes in re-incarnation to continue its eternal journey. A man removes his garment after a days activities and puts forth another so the human soul drops its attached body after each life and to put forth another through rebirth as a new born baby.

The greatest agony of mortals is that they are too human. Sooner or often, they forget that they bear within them a spark or embryo of divinity. This spark lumps their whole essence and emotion but due to the pervading poverty in spiritual affairs, they slump to carnality.

As weaklings in spirit, teachers that stimulate them with earthily things are celebrated while those who stand firm on the humus soil of accurate terms in life are tagged as deceivers and traitors.

Truly, any human concept that counteracts the natural set standard is hitherto qualified as hindrance to its development. The spark of Yahweh within mortals distinguishes them from other less beings and properties of creation. Therefore, the ability to merge our whole essence to divinity within has been the preoccupation of our souls as it hankers from one life to another. Equally, the fierce wrestling between the fleshy versus cosmic self.

While the flesh is insisting of enjoying the material values, the cosmic self seeks to dominate the flesh and make it subject of its authority. In this battle, the spiritual scientists have warned that although mortals are made of three selfs, – the divine, unfolding and initiating, each mortal is expected to live according to the standard of the divine self (Yahweh within). That divine self is what makes the actual man, and it remains ageless and deathless.

For example, Paracelsus  one of early scholars put his findings on the topic as such, “There is oneness of man and universe and eachman has inspiration and knowledge because it bears in himself the divine spark that sustains him”.

As we unravel the mysteries of life after death, we are thereby going along with the caption  “Is Death Really The End?” Too many people or scholars may have settled by the provisions of Ecclisiastics in the bible book of Christians that in death, there is no memory of life of any form but such informations are deluding.

For such believers, I would love to invoke an Asian proverb which bear as follows:- “Our highest truths are but half truths, think not to settle down for ever on any truth. When you first have an inkling of its insufficiency, then weep not, but give thanks for it is the divine voice whispering”.

The divine voice is presently whispering through Prophet Yahmarabhi and his disciples that man is ageless and deathless.

One of the prominent names in the science world  Pythagoras is known for this thesis “But take courage the race of man is divine”.

Although the modern day scientists are queuing behind Charles Darwin’s concept of evolution, the ancient scientists believed that if the universe is a universe of thought then its creation must be an act of thought. They therefore conclude that every creature or entity of creation is on its way of uniting itself consciously with the one life (divine) as all things are having daily expansion of thought and feelings with inner inspiration towards universal consciousness.

They equally believe that life is seriously based on intuitive knowledge and inner guidance where everything about oneself about others and matter outside of oneself is placed under constant study and observation for the purpose of mastery in all aspects of life.

One of the ancient scientists openly declared as such: – “There is void in the heart of every human being which no amount of money, material possession or social status can fill. Life will remain meaningless and illusive until we get into a meaningful or perfect relationship with divinity”.

I equally tow the path of such reasoning with the addition that the achievable means of attaining perfect relationship with divinity is by entrenching the path of divinity in ones life. The way of Yahweh simply mean obedience to the laws of Yahweh which he handed to the entire human race through his prophets.

Yahoshea Meshiyach the grand spiritual perfect master during his earthily ministry opined that he is the way truth and life, and that whosoever that follow him will enjoy perfect and eternal life.

This applies to those who knows his name because when you talk about ones name, you talk about his identity, authority, purpose and power. Yahoshea was conscious of his perfect relationship with Yahweh in his pre-earthily ages and still held that after here on earth, he will go back to Yahweh who sent him.

If Yahoshea as our perfect guide is conscious of his eternity, why do we associate the wordings of book of Ecclesiastics that there is no more memory after here. Such books and their associate faith can be adequately summarized as misplaced priorities.

In the manner of Yahoshea Meshiyach, the promised and manifested comforter – His Holiness, Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi Ha Meshiyach holds that man is deathless. This can be observed in his holy revelationary book called Holy Originally Inspired Scriptures (HOIS) which bore as follows: – “By the way, is there any lose in spirit world? That is what mortals do not know, mostly the wicked ones or those who kill others. If they were made to know that all people they killed are existing in other dimensions, such would have aided them to stop killing or causing havoc to other fellow mortals. All those that people alleged as dead didn’t really died as such. When the flesh dies, it stops functioning. That does not mean that the spirit is dead. For three things, make up a full mortal – the body covers the soul and soul covers the spirit. So when man stops breathing, it is only about bodily experience, for the soul and spirit never dies, because at the ending of one’s life is the beginning of yet another life, for life is endless. The body moves as it is moved, it acts as it is acted upon and it has no violation, no self-conscious intelligence and no activity of itself

Meshiyach  Yahzitere Yahmarabhi


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