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Yobo Set To Resign As Super Eagles’ Captain


Nigeria longest serving captain and 29th African cup of Nations Eagles captain, Joseph Yobo has in the wake of his misunderstanding with eagles coach, Stephen Keshi declared that he does not want to be a ceremonial captain of the Super Eagles anymore, saying “I have been a competitive player all my career. That is why I joined a big club like Fenerbachee. Even when I was offered bigger money to play in countries like Qatar and china I rejected it.

“How can Keshi release a 30 man squad and feels I am not good enough to make the list and yet I play in the European cup for my club as well as league matches every week. I am highly disappointed. I am not ready to continue to play under a coach who calls me his captain and yet he does not respect me. It is not all about playing but showing respect by communicating with me. I have diligently given my all to the nation for eleven and half years and it is time to give the younger upcoming players a chance in the team and face my club career.

“It does not matter whether I reach 100 cups or more than that. I am proud of the little I have achieved with the national team and to God be the glory. My joy is that I have done my best for the country. I am also proud to say that I played a prominent role in Super Eagles success story which Keshi is reaping its fruit today. I cannot beg to play for a team I helped to make.

The atmosphere is no longer conducive for me to stay and I feel like walking out. I have nothing to lose if I am fighting for the truth and I do not care if I sacrifice myself for the future players and make myself the team scape goal. Keshi is supposed to apologize to me because he lied against me. I don’t owe him any apology and I am unapologetic for voicing my feelings. I respect him as the coach and I see no reason why he should equally not respect me. That was all I said. I wonder why I should apologize to him because “I never insulted him over my dead body will I do that” Yobo fumed.

Yobo also said Keshi should be man enough to tell Nigerians the truth, adding that he never call him Yobo.

Yobo accused Keshi of not carrying him along with his 2014 Eagles qualifiers programmes, according to Yobo, it shows lack of respect to him as the captain of the Eagles squad that won the 29th African Nations cup.

Yobo said God will judge Keshi if at all he made the statement that he called him.

Yobo claimed that the world is now a global village, if Keshi really called him as he claimed, he could have seen his missed calls or he would have sent him a text” claimed Yobo. ###

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