Rivers FA Goofed

The Rivers State Football Association indirectly encouraged hooliganism recently at Sharks football club stadium when it failed to provide security for Ocean Boys of Brass versus Sharks football club of Port Harcourt, two Saturdays ago.
It is mandatory for the state football association to provide security at any league match played in the state. This was not so when Ocean Boys of Brass came visiting Sharks at their own stadium, last two Saturdays ago. It was widely reported that Ocean Boys coach was battered by group of boys who were supposedly Sharks football club fans.
This could not have happened if the state FA had provided security. Sharks was later fined to the tune of N3million with the condition of the Port Harcourt side playing all their matches in close doors.
This is not the first time Sharks stadium is recording football hooliganism. Camera men were beaten and their cameras seized at different times.
This incident is an eye opener to the state FA. But if the club is fined, what about the FA who failed to provide security for all Sharks home matches on that pitch?
To be fair, both the club and the FA should share the blames and the FA should be blamed even more.
The Rivers State FA should also be fined to serve as detriment, to avoid other similar incidents that might occur.

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