Sports Personality Of The Week

Sports loving people, life is spent in many facets, and if life is worth living, it is better spent in adding value to other people lives. The Sports Personality this week is doing it in different spheres of his existence on earth.
He may not be an active sports personality per se, but he is a likeable person, a promoter of sports talents and programmes.
Born 48 years ago into the beautiful and powerful kingdom of Okrika, a proud son of Okrika local government area of Rivers State of the federal Republic of Nigeria, suffice it to say that he had in his ways added value to the corporate existence of Rivers State and Nigeria. He is a broadcaster per excellence.
A gentleman, a true gentleman of courage, charismatic, caring and loving, diligent, vibrant, hardworking, handsome, a purposeful and focused personality of society interest and above all God fearing.
He has provided a platform to many through the outfit he manages, one of the best radio stations in the Niger Delta region, Rhythm 93.7 Thus providing the enabling environment to have their voices heard in the larger society.
Call him a liberator and you are not wrong. He is the rallying point of the younger generation, the hope of the youths. He blends the youths and the middle age class. Indeed he has touched lives with his person as well as through his radio station where he is the Regional Manager, South.
For all what he represented, peace, love and unity, for his interest in others’ welfare coupled with his love for sports growth in the country, The Newswriter Sports Personality of The Week desk deemed him fit to be this week’s Sports Personality of The Week.
Welcome Sampson Fiberesima, Regional Manager, Rhythms Silverbird 93.7. Please join me as I unfold his data as was given to us by Sampson Fiberesima himself.

Name: Sampson Fiberesima, JP
Age: 48years
Home Town: Okrika
LGA: Walga
State: Rivers
Designation: Regional Manager, South,
Silverbird, Rhythm 93.7 and STV
Position: Social Secretary, Ph Club 1928
Favourite Sport: Football/Lawn Tennis
Favourtite Jersey No: 9
Aspiration: To touch lives positively
Role Model: Jesus Christ
Turn On: Honesty
Turn Off: Boastful people
Current Club: PH Club 1928
Occupation: Broadcast Media/PR
Achievements: Provided platform for talents to
excel in both sports and other areas,
like comedy, music and poetry,
being a good social organizing
secretary and others too numerous
to list.
GMS: 08033369818

Well, Sampson Fiberesima, is a man the youths will forever want to associate with for his encouraging altitude to their wellbeing, though he did not play football and lawn Tennis, to the gallery, he remains a sports person as can be seen from his physique evidently. But one thing is clear about Sampson Fiberesima, he is a brother to all, in other words, a brother without border, a detribalized man in all his dealing with every human being on earth.
He had encouraged lots of musical and football talents to grow in the length and breadth of Nigeria.
For those who do not know Fiberesima, the ever-smiling Regional Manager, South of Silverbird 93.7 and STV, he is ever ready at any given time of the day no matter who is involved, to lend a helping hand.
Sir, The Newswriter Sports desk could only wish you long life, divine favour and protection to live enough to shower more truthful service to humanity while praying for you to also reap the fruit of your labour in good stance. ###

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