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Double Blessing As Pastor who Lost Son On Dedication Day, Dedicates Twins


It was a thing of joy as the family of Pst. & Deaconess Effiong James Udoh on 5th of May, 2013 dedicated their twin sons.

The family of Pst. & Deaconess Effiong who had loss hope concerning having a male child after they lost their only son during the dedication of their daughter are once again proud parents of twin sons.

According to Pst. Udoh he thought that God had forgotten him when he is still in the vineyard of God working, that the experience he went through at the death of his son then, was a thing, he will never wish his worst enemies.

While speaking to The Newswriter, Pastor, Udoh confessed that when he lost his only son, he was devastated  not knowing that God has a better plan for him, that at his age who would have thought these double blessing can come to him again. That he sees God as a personality, man cannot predict. His ways are not the ways of men or His thought the thought of men.

Citing  the book of John 16:20b “Ye shall be sorrowful but your sorrow shall turned into joy”.

 Rev. E.E. Okon in his sermon said that though yesterday was a day of sorrow for the family of Pst. Effiong James Udoh but today, he is a proud father of two boys who will soon grow into men.

Also referring to the book of  Micah 7:7-8, Pastor Okon said that because the family of Pst. Udoh has waited unto their God, their salvation has come, their enemies can no longer rejoice over them.

 Rev. E.E. Okon advised those that are believing God for the fruit of the womb to wait unto God of their salvation that with Him all things are possible, saying the laughter of the enemies should not bother them that in due season, God will visit them for celebration.

Pst. Udoh expressed gratitude to God on how He has not allowed people to mock at him and his work in the vineyard of God.

In a chat with journalists, Deaconess Praise James Udoh, the wife of Pst. Udoh  expressed her joy over the boys that God has given to her, that in place of her shame and tears, God has decided to give her double blessing. She   encourages women that are looking up to God for her kind of blessing not to lost hope that there is still God in heaven who sees tears and rewards accordingly.

Earlier, Pst. Udoh said he has four daughters and a son who died during one of his daughter’s dedication, saying that if God did not come to his aid, he would have lived and died without a male child.

He said that God most time uses trials to ascertain one’s faith and when he (God) sees that you are faithful to his word, he has no option than to bless you.

Speaking to the congregation while giving his testimony, he said “his joy will have no bound in the Lord for this wonderful blessing that God has given to him, praying that God will fulfill the heart desires of the steadfast. ###

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