Is Death Really The End?


Therefore, the body is characterized by inertia, and you can write upon it a melody of love or a song of hatred.

Truly speaking, it is a motional disc upon which you can play your emotions. What you should do on earth is to endeavour to be righteous. For if one were to go and see what happens to the wicked earthbound spirits of the 3rd and 2nd dimensions, you will endeavour to be good.

Earthbound spirits do not have houses to live in. they are victims to all they killed, they are captive of their sins. Those of them who killed physically either in the bush or river live with their victims right at the spot they committed the havoc. They live in grooves, thick forests or wilderness. Some stay at this condition for too many years depending on the gravity of their offence.

These wicked earthbound spirits are those who befriend their fellow wicked mortals and teach them pseudo-scientist as witchcraft, wizardry, vampirism etc”.

The holy comforter continues his holy write in this form:- “thus, never the spirit was born, the spirit shall cease to be never, never was time it was not, end and beginning are dreams. Thus birthless and deathless and shapeless remaineth the spirit forever, death had not touched it at all, dead though the house of it seems. Nay, but as one who layeth his warn out robes away, and taking new ones, sayeth “These will I wear today, so putteth by the spirit lightly its garb of flesh and passeth to inherit a residence afresh”.

The above poetic versus are the movement of the soul or spirit so think twice before you talk, move or do things for whatever one does he reaps accordingly. No one can tool the great book recorder and the arch-messengers of Yahweh takes record of whatever one does per day, week, month and year.

Thus as soon as man departs mother-earth and appears in spirit world, he will have to face Yahweh’s mystic mirror where all his movement or activities on earth will be shown to him. After viewing the screen, a question comes to him as such, “do you think you lived a better life during your stay on mother-earth? Mark you, no one talks lies there and each person will decide or judge himself. For no one judges each other at that level.

So by your answer, you will be committed to your merited spirit dimension. So all that teaches their adherent that Yahoshea would descend a second time on earth to judge the dead and living ones for one thousand years are peddling fairy tales. No such thing will come to pass, rather by 7000th year after Yahoshea’s impalement, he will come back to earth with all the righteous mortals who are to reign with the comforter in the COMFORTER’S EARTHILY KINGDOM OR GOVERNMENT (CEK OR CEG) That is the great and dreadful day of Yahweh. When Yahweh will crown the comforter as the eternal king of comforter’s earthily kingdom (CEK).

On that day, all the living righteousness ones will be lifted in the air a little and a golden literate would be poured on the surface of the earth (water and land) and al beings will be transformed from mortality to immortality.

This is the means by which Yahweh would once again purify the earth before mortals would dwell like it was in the beginning when man was first created and was placed as a holy being.

Then all the mansions of the righteous ones will descend to each of the inhabitants of CEK world over. And man will live in everlasting perfect peace, when sickness diseases and death will cease.

Meshiyach  Yahzitere Yahmarabhi

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