Hotel Olympia Sold To A Firm


The foremost glamorous sports Hotel for Rivers sport men and women, Hotel Olympia is now conventional commercial hotel.

Our Sports Editor report that the Hotel is under demolition to pave the way for modifications.

This development was unfolded in an interactive session by SWAN with the Commissioner for Sports, Rivers State Hon. Fred Mbombo Igwe.

Hon. Igwe told SWAN that the Hotel has been converted into a conventional Hotel and had been given to a hotel firm which will later convert its property to a conventional commercial Hotel Like Hotel Presidential to service the public.

The Commissioner for Sport, said, he could not do anything because change of Hotel status and the contract was awarded before his appointment as the state commissioner for Sport.

Rivers Sportsmen and women now lost one of the incentives for enhancing performance as one of their places of comfort has been taken away forever.

It is not clear whether another Hotel, of Olympia status would be provided for Rivers Sportsmen and women.###

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