True Reconciliation?

GOV. AMAECHI 2Reconciliation, according to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (8th edition) is defined as “as end to a disagreement and the start of a good relationship again”.

It is also define as “the process of making it possible for two different ideas, facts, etc to exist together without being opposed to each other.”

If the Dictionary definitions of the all important word reconciliation is anything to go by, then, it presupposes that, there was a disagreement between two or more persons in a given context. It is evident that certain or two ideologies were never agreeing prior to the quest for a truce.

It is also understandable that there were oppositions to each other’s veiws perhaps on ways of life, governance, approaches to issues and thoughts.

In this episode, the million questions, statements and positions beginning for answers, reactions, support and probably comments shall be our watchword to attempt to overcome as the political crisis in Nigeria and Rivers State lingers.

We shall attempt to begin with the Rivers context and as well endeavour to end with it.

You know why? The Rivers crisis has made many supporters of the warring groups to continue to tell lies and most probably exhausted their tanks and polls of lies and now looking for what to say and do.

The warring groups have suddenly resulted into floating political pressure groups, the Grassroot Development Initiative, GDI, and the Rivers Leadership Advancement Foundation, RIVLEAF, with the notion of weighing political powers over the populace whom they believe are without bearing and direction.

But their antics, believe and vehicle conveying the bunch of lies, confusion, maneuvering and camouflaging have definitely arrive late.

Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State and Hon. Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike have up till date refuse to tell Rivers people the truth about their sudden disagreement, rancour and this level of discord between them.

Let me ask here, what did the special Assistant to Gov. Amaechi Hon. Alex Weli knows about the Minister of State for Education, chief Barr. Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike and President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan that he refused to disclose?

You may not understand why this question, see, in almost all the local governments visited for the inauguration of RIVLEAF, Hon. Alex Weli was always tempted to ask a rhetoric question “When did Nyesom start loving the president?

When Wike was in government house making billions of naira did he fight for Jonathan?

These questions on the lips of Amaechi’s aid points to the fact that there may be secrets the both war lords are hiding from the people.

Most times, I am compelled to be questioning my being on what could be the intent, gains and result of the instability in the polity and brouhaha all about.

Claims and counter claims from every divid of the state have either pitched the Governor against aides, chairmen against aids and governors. What level of selfishness is this on the sand of Nigerian state.

Are there no mediators who could seek justice and address these burning or light issues?

In some of our past episodes, it was clearly stated that peace is the hallmark and progress of any society but must the younger not be loyal to the elderly?

Politics is a game of interest, where there is no permanent friends or enemies, no brother or sister and relatives when the going become tougher.

Yes, it may be so as stated but it is rare for any northern to engage his kinsmen in a public spree of neglect, name calling and what have you.

I know that, my apt readers may ask, what about the activities of the 5 northern governors against the PDP national chairman, Alhaji Bamangar Tukur.

Good, can anyone despite the fact that it is glearing that they are at war, say they have engaged the chairman in a public spree of words?

The activities of both groups in Rivers State, is however becoming nothing to write home about as they have other than sub-pedderling, igniting more fire to the excalation of the crisis.

At this juncture, it is clear that he parties are in serious war and my prayer is that, it should not degenerate into other things else.

Permit me again to ask, my governor has repeatedly said he is not at war or not having problem against the president, what then is he going for in the name of peace and conditions for a peace talk or reconciliation? “If there was no problem between him and Mr. President I think there would be no need for reconciliation.”

I am thinking that my governor as I said in previous episodes who has the capacity of making peace should have started the process in the state before going to the presidency, since he has no problem with Mr. President.

But however, let me congratulate him to have been bold to state his grievance and conditions whatsoever for a peace talk, to place polity on pace of harmony.

Alright, if Mr. reconciliation is now necessary as perceived and seen in many quarters, I feel it is not only a welcome development, the needful and applauded but should be done in more conducive and welcome atmosphere to illustrate its essence.

The atmosphere of calling or seeking for reconciliation and on the other hand name calling, worthless activities and disrespect to constituted authorities which takes over the scene is most worrisome and should be discarded to embrace peace.

I am of the notion that, if indeed the ruling party is genuinely seeking for reconciliation especially at Rivers State chapter, then it is incumbent of those concerned to first discountenance of words against each other groups and seek to making reconciliation a necessity in the interest of Nigerians and the party in particular.

I am strongly in support of the reconciliation if we must set aside all our grievances with the intention of coming together as one indivisible family. It must be true reconciliation from the heart of peace and to ambush anyone.

If we mean reconciliation, then we must also avoid group interest and pursue collective interest as factors responsible for peace and never selfish conditions and projections that may rather land the party in jeopardy. ###

With James Mgboineme

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