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Amaechi’s Life Should Not be in Jeopardy – Comr. Elechi Ikenda

As the political terrain in Rivers State gets hotter each day, some group of youths under the umbrella of Concerned Ikwerre Youths have called on the Federal Government and the Commissioner of Police Rivers State, Mr. Joseph Mbu to tread with caution so that the political situation will not degenerate into a situation where the life of the Governor Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi would be in danger.

The group made this in a press statement issued in Port Harcourt.

The Spokesman of the Concerned Ikwerre Youths, Comrade Ikenda Elechi said it is high time the people of Rivers State should be more vigilant even as the life of the Governor is in danger.

He said the numerous unwarranted and reckless attacks on the office and personality of the Governor of Rivers State are calculated plans to expose the Governor Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi to harm and danger especially by withdrawing some of his security details, especially now when the Governor is complaining that some of his personal security agents have been withdrawn.

The spokesman maintained that if a Governor of a state can cry out openly on inadequacies of security what about the common man on the street. The group cited the recent cases where the police under the directive of the Commissioner ordered the barricade of one of the roads leading to the Government House during the opening of PDP factional Secretariat and the chasing of the youths during the issuance of the employment letters to teachers at the Liberation Stadium, Port Harcourt as enough clash of interest that should be investigated.

The Concerned Ikwerre Youths called on the security agents in Rivers State especially the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Joseph Mbu to be neutral in the face of the current political situation in Rivers State and not to threatening the safety and the security of the Governor.

The group also called on those political actors threatening fire and brimstones to stop disparaging and insulting the office of the Executive Governor of Rivers  State while  those fanning the ember of disunity in the State that if anything happens to their illustrious son, the Governor, that they would pursue the matter to it logical conclusion.

They tasked the President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, the Inspector General of Police, the Rivers State Police Command to put in adequate security measures that would ensure the protection of the Governor since, political ambition is a constitution right, while demanding for resource control and true federalism.

 The group believes that since there is no longer foster relationship between the Governor and the Commissioner of Police wisdom demands that the authorities should re-deploy Mr. Mbu. ###

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