Who Are Heroes Of The Earth?

A credible and incorruptible judge must aspire to listen to all angles of an event before arriving to conclusion. Likewise, a good student must be a good listener to all shades of thought but must not sharply dismiss a thought because of the appearance of the theorist.

But by due assimilation and consideration, a thought must prove its impact which decides its worthiness orWho Are Heroes Of The Earth? worthlessness.

The agony of populist religions is that they are wholly caged by the thoughts handed over from their forebears. Therefore, the possibility for investigation is ruled out due to acclaimed sacredness attached to such doctrines which upholds points of opposite thought as sacrilegious (a taboo).

This concept helps to perpetuate falsehood in our religions and such are veritable premise for corrupters of truth to hang on their forefather figures.

Evil men they say, succeed because the righteous ones fail to act. By the pomposity of evil ones, the earth has totally attached high value to their personalities or activities. Everywhere they go, or whatever they do is graced by ovations because they are seen as heroes of the earth.

One goal of religion is to teach the purpose of life. Many people however have not properly give attention to the ultimate questions in life such as who are we? Why are we on earth? What is the purpose of life?

By answering these essential questions, we will begin to know the true achievers and losers, the heroes versus villains, the progressives versus retrogressives in the earth planet.

Because of unreliability of our religious groups and teachers to give convincing facts on this questions of life, many turn elsewhere to find answers, to science or various forms of philosophy identified by such labels as humanism, nihilism and essentialism. People keep seeking although majority of earth population may dismiss such as unimportant and therefore shows no iota of interest.

To such populace, what they see and experience daily coupled by the handed thoughts from their ancient are enough to make up their whole livelihood.

Our subject of discussion today is of one of the essential questions of life as thus:- Who Are the heroes of The Earth?

One of the greatest agony of mortality is the pivot role played by men that live upon the foundation of their false ego. When such men occupy the centre stage, men of real substance are therefore seen as worthless and therefore becomes unacceptable and uncelebrated.

The heroes of the earth can only be known when we are adequately armed by true answers to the reasons of life. This will help us to know who become the true actors and deceivers, cosmicians versus comedians, heroes and villains among others.

In recent years, a number of scientists have reached the conclusion that humans are in fact, inherently inclined to search for a deeper meaning of life. Some believe that genetic and other physiological evidence points to a natural need for humans to achieve to higher results or sometimes issues above human bounds that results to celebrations of such actors.

Truly people of different endeavours are celebrated when alife or even many years after their demise based on the worth of their works in life.

Both sacred and carnal records have presented various names of actors who by their deeds in life helped to promote human endeavours through various disciplines. Some of such persons remains idols or gurus who are celebrated daily or occasionally by adherents of their deeds.

Truly, it is conventional to remember people through their works in life but our interest is to figure out those that deserve to be seen as villians because of their deeds which were negative in nature.

Today as we celebrate our nationhood, we remember those that fought gallantly to gain us independence from our colonial masters. By this celebration, both politicians, soldiers and all security operatives who played gallant roles by those moments are honoured.

Men celebrate revolutionists, secessionists, theorists, business moguls, economic gurus, scientists, philosophers, religious masters, socialists, commercialists who made worth during their own days.

One of the profession that produce men and officers that are seen as heroes and Heroins is the military worldwide. Right from ancient history, army officers are counted as great heroes especially when they come home successful from any war.

Records of ancient Babylon, Egypt, Carthage, Greeks, Rome and present day world-powers as Britain, France, Russian, China, USA etc are proud of their soldiers and occasionally celebrate officers that prove their worthiness.

Even weak nation celebrate their soldiers who as revolutionists gained independence to their nationhood, or gain victory in their wars.

To such people, their birthdays and death days are converted to national celebrations where honours were poured on them. By the gallant effort of those soldiers, territories are occupied thorough conquests and some of such territories are named after the leaders or revolutionists.

For example the city of Alexandria in Egypt was named after Alexander the Great who is termed as the father of Greek in history.

The Greek dynasty of the Ptolemies inherited Egypt from Alexander the Great and ruled the country until Octavian defeated Anthony and Cleopatra in 30BCE.

We have such strong personalities as Alexander the great in many ancient and modern nations and all are celebrated. But are they the true heroes of life? That is the real question that deserve answers.

Are these soldiers/leaders the true saviours of humanity? The answer is that eighty percent of wars fought globally were caused by these leaders and soldiers. The effects of these wars are devastating and injurious to human development.

Example can be cited of the two world wars that gulps a whooping population of 70 million lives and billions of pounds of properties destroyed. Is that for the benefit of humanity? If so, why do we praise men that caused such mountenous global agony.

In one continent to other, from country to country, those we celebrate as Heroes have helped to ruin many human lifes by their incessant wars.

Available record bear that the earth have about 20 million active soldiers presently and there are about 25 deadly wars going across the globe.

As Yahosheans, we believe in statehood but believe that its present structure and operations are negative. When humanity will realize its real self, statehood will be show of love and dialogue. Our soldiers will be instrument of dialogue and preservation of life wars will not be considered options for settlement of rifts.

So those who make wars and prosecute them cannot be celebrated as we celebrate the life of our soldiers that killed fellow mortals with rifles today.


Meshiyach  Yahzitere Yahmarabhi

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