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Sharks Ends League Without 5 Key players

OGUNBOTE GBENGAThe coach of Sharks football club of Port Harcourt has revealed that Sharks will end the Glo sponsored Nigeria 2012/2013 professional football league without 5 of its key players.

Coach Ogunbote made this revelation after beating Heartland 3-1 at Sharks stadium in a week 35 encounter of the league, even as the league draws to an end this month.

The depleted Sharks had being living up to expectation in picking the maximum 3 points at home even as 5 of her key players will never kick ball till the league ends this month, no thanks to injury.

When El-kanemi Warriors came visiting, Sharks was played around the pitch as if they are learners of the game by El-Kanemi Warriors yet Sharks is scoring the goals, El-kanemi Warriors lose that game 3-0 to Sharks at Sharks stadium in week 35 without Sharks 5 keys players courtesy of injury.

Coach Ogunbote has turned Sharks to be in killer mood against every other team in the league.

Speaking to sports journalists shortly after sharks Heartland encounter, Coach Ogunbote said he is making the best out of a worst situation as 5 of his key players will never kick the premiership ball before the season ends, stating that he is happy that he is picking the 3 maximum points at home in the recent past three matches.

He said, he prays the remain four matches throws Sharks up at the ladder, while appealing to the supporters of Sharks not to relent in supporting Sharks to the end of the season.

At week 35 Sharks is maintaining No. 7 position in the Glo Nigerian professional football league at the log and may as well better her lot if the remaining matches will all be a victory story for her.

If that happens, Coach Gbenga Ogunbote might be judged the hero of Sharks of recent time going by history.

The sunshine hero, Akure born tactician is just on the verge of making history with the Port Harcourt side with the 2012/2013 football season. Considering the state he took managership of Sharks football club of Port Harcourt.

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